Rumors: Yankees Still Interested in Jeff Francis

Via Jerry Crasnick of ESPN:

Free agent P Jeff Francis still drawing interest from 7 clubs — Nationals, Royals, Pirates, Rangers, Rockies and both NY teams.

When the Yankees lost out on Cliff Lee their general manager Brian Cashman preached patience. And if anybody is buying into this it’s him. Despite missing out on Lee and the likely retirement of Andy Pettitte, Cashman has been interested in plenty free agent starters without really being active.

Other pitchers he is supposedly interested in include Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon, Jeremy Bonderman, and Jeff Francis. This is the second time we’ve heard Francis’ name attached to the Yankees and their interest in the others seems lukewarm at best. So it may be fair to consider that Francis is their preferred target.

That makes sense too as out of all of those named above Francis is the best combination of upside and actual likeliness to pitch next year. On top of that he’s a lefty which would help not only in Yankee Stadium (because of it’s short porch in right field) but also against the left handed heavy Red Sox as well.

Patience seems to be the key word since Lee signed with the Phillies so this may take a while, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees increased their aggressiveness toward Francis in the upcoming days.

Let’s hear what you think. Out of the four pitchers named above, which would do you hope the Yankees will sign and why?

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8 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Still Interested in Jeff Francis

  1. Rob Abreezy says:

    We lose out on Lee, and Andy retires….so we get Francis ??

    Sounds like a GREAT plan !!

  2. Matthew says:

    I've heard about joakim soria being an option to trade for in the bullpen. What do you think about the Yankees chances of getting him? I like the Idea of Jeff Francis, but Bartolo Colon wouldn't be a bad solution either.

    • The Royals seem pretty confident that they are not going to trade Soria. Soria has a no trade clause and pointed out that he would not enforce it if they wanted to trade him to the Yankees. I'm thinking no trade.

  3. Tommy says:


    Any truth to the rumors about Felix Hernandez or Matt Garza being traded to the Yanks?


  4. Franco Kotos says:

    Soria would be a nice addition to the Yankees bullpen and possibly the Yankees closer after Rivera retires…KC would likely be looking for pitching or a catcher in return…

  5. Ryan says:

    I like the idea of Francis or Bonderman. Bartolo Colon though? Are they serious? The guy hasnt pitched a full season in the majors for at least 3 or even 4 years. He is always fat and out of shape and he is, I believe 38. I wouldnt even invite the guy to spring training. Royals are not going to trade Soria, maybe mid-season. Garza is a Cub now. The Mariners have been very up front that they are not trading King Felix. They should sign Francis and Bonderman and let them battle to see if one can turn out good.

  6. Yomommasan says:

    Holin' yer Colon??? We are kidding, right??? Dredie Garcia??? Wow – is the plan to finish 5th this year????? Baltimore and Toronto have to be laughing their a**** off b/c they know they are both moving up in the standings this season.

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