Rumors: Yankees Would Consider Trading Joba Chamberlain

Via Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

Yankees would consider trading Joba, but probably only in package for viable starter. for now he’s in yankees pen.

With Rafael Soriano in the mix Joba Chamberlain has no role. He’s not the setup man and at this point David Robertson and Pedro Feliciano are probably the 7th inning guys. Joba is pretty much a mop-up guy and won’t even have that role if Mark Prior can stay healthy.

So the Yankees, who are short two starters, should be moving Joba to the rotation. The problem is that they seem to have no interest in doing that. So it makes sense that they would be willing to listen to offers on him.

Right now there doesn’t seem to be many suitors, but maybe that will change with the addition of Soriano. Believe it or not, Joba’s experience in both the rotation and the bullpen may make him more attractive to teams as they would have the option of being able to use him either way.

The biggest problem though is that his stock is probably at an all-time low right now. In 2008 he was considered one of the best prospects in baseball and the Yankees could have gotten a lot for him back then. Today it is a bit different and the only teams that are going to be interested in him are ones that think that he can turn it around. It’s pretty unlikely though that they’ll offer a lot even if they do believe his best days are in front of him.

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12 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Would Consider Trading Joba Chamberlain

  1. Susan says:

    I wouldn't miss him a bit. If he somehow bounces back to form, I'll admit I was wrong but I don't ever see him coming back. He's just too wild. But sadly, you are right, he basically has no trade value any more and we're probably stuck with him.

    • Joe says:

      Your correct Susan, I don't see no hope. I still think there was most likely some PEDs involved in his first call up. No other way to explain the loss of such electricity/velocity at such a young age. I also think he has a drinking problem. His anxiety on the mound is so severe and obvious. If this gets controlled maybe he could bounce back but IDK.

  2. Mindkind says:

    I don't understand the point in trading Chamberlain now. Why? This kid is only what 25 years old? I don't know the scout notes but I think he has at least 3 really good pitches to get ML hitters out. I still remember the gem he threw against the Red Sox and I think that's what Joba can do. The shoulder issue hurt his velocity. I for one think that Joba will have a big year in 2011 I just hope that it's for the Yankees. It's funny how quickly people forget or give up on people. I have confidence in this kid that he will turn it around if only given the chance.

  3. joe says:

    The Yanks should absolutely not trade Joba! He is only 25 and still throws in the mid-90's.They should give him a year under Larry Rothchild and see if he could figure him out either as a reliever or a starter.

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    What sense is there is trading a young, inexpensive pitcher, who can start or relieve? Especially with this rotation.

  5. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    I’ll do the board a favor and not bring up the Felix Hernandez scenario again.

  6. Lincoln says:

    Even if the Yanks trade Chamberlain, who would they want in return? What sort of return would we expect for Chamberlain, plus (I'm sure) prospects or another ML experienced player? They'd probably package him with Cervelli or Montero…

  7. smurfy says:

    Joba may only carry more than prospect status today, but oh, what weeping and moaning would have been heard from the herd if they'd traded him a couple years back!

    If the Yanks customize a package of Joba, maybe Cervelli, Mitre, maybe a chosen prospect pitcher or other position the counterparty desires, they could draw a pretty good starting pitcher.

  8. Who would want Mitre? Cervelli is barely worth anything as well. Trades don't want the same way in real life as they do in video games.

  9. Joe Holland Jr says:

    I dont know why the Yankees would even want to keep Mitre. He,s the worst in the rotation and needs to go. Put him and Joba out there and maybe a prospect and see who would want them. And what they are willing to part with. These broken down old timers are risky and not even worth the time. I would bring up some young talent and let them get a taste and see what they are made of. Pitchers now adays are only pitching 5 or 6 innings a game. Whatever happened to picthing the whole game. The old players played for the love of the game but these new players only worry about the paychecks. Its a real shame for the fans.

    • Marc Perez says:

      I completely agree. They need to give the prospects a shot, old washed up pitchers are a waste. But knowing Cashman, he’s probably going to sign another old scrub for the rotation.

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