The Price for Garza was Prohibitive for the Yankees

A few days ago the Yankees missed out on yet another trade of a quality starting pitcher when the Rays traded Matt Garza to the Cubs. For a typically aggressive team that is desperate need of another starter the question quickly becomes, why?

Apparently the problem was that because the Rays are in the same division as the Yankees they were more reluctant to trade him to them and as such the price became too expensive for the Yankees.

“Strong impressions were that it would be something that would cost us more because we are in the division, kind of like Roy Halladay,” Cashman said to Chad Jennings of the Journal News.

Unfortunately that is the way it works out. It doesn’t always work out for the trading team this way because essentially they are taking another bidder out of the mix for a player they are trying to move, but in this case it’s hard to fault the Rays. They have gotten worse this offseason, but they still have a strong starting five and could compete with the Yankees for the wild-card this season. There is no reason to go and make the Yankees stronger by doing them the favor of dealing a starter to them.

The Yankees may have been able to blow the Rays away with an offer and land Garza, but a move like that would hurt them in the long run. Sure they could have been able to add him and make their rotation stronger, but it would have meant giving up even more prospects than would be typically necessary in that type of a deal. Prospects who can either help directly by being called up or ones that could be used in other future trades. In the end they probably made the right call.

What do you think? Did the Yankees make a mistake by not getting more involved in talks for Garza? Or would the high cost of Garza offset the value they would get out of him?

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8 Responses to The Price for Garza was Prohibitive for the Yankees

  1. Mindkind says:

    I think the Yankees did the right thing by not trying to trade for Garza. In my opinion the Cubs gave way to much for Matt Garza, imagine what the Yankees would’ve been asked to give? Just a bad situation for the Yankees that they are in the same division as the team willing to trade a top starter. This probably means that the Cubs will hold on to Carlos Zambrano. This to me is a good thing because now the Yankees would be given the chance to give away the top prospects for another veteran big name pitcher. Their will be others but at leats this one is out of the picture. Another good no-move for Brian Cashman.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    Bridge year, anyone? Although I'm no fan of Cashman, I think the club needed to reduce payroll to a reasonable level, AND needs to start holding on to it's young players. Plus Garza is not all that. Pretty easy decision really.

  3. Dugan says:

    They need to trade A J Burnett for some new tires for their lawn mowers. That' what he' worth!

  4. Mamerto Perez says:

    They should sign andy and trade AJ Burnett alolng with Joba and look for a another lefty.

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