Yankees Nearing a Deal with Andruw Jones

Via Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports:

Y! source: Andruw Jones nearing a one-year deal with Yankees. Not done yet, however.

The Yankees have been looking for a right handed hitting outfielder to compliment the lefties, Curtis Granderson and Brett Gardner, in their lineup. Jones fits that description well and the Yankees have been having discussions with him for some time now.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported this morning that the two sides are still apart on money, but notes that it shouldn’t be too difficult to come to a compromise. He does note that they are still interested in Johnny Damon as a backup if they can’t reach an agreement with Jones.

Jones has earned just $500,000 over the past two years, but after somewhat turning his career around he’s most definitely looking for a pay raise.

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2 Responses to Yankees Nearing a Deal with Andruw Jones

  1. Susan says:

    While I like Damon a lot more, I'd probably rather have Andruw Jones at this point because he can at least play defense.

    • highlander64 says:

      Yanks are looking at Jones righty bat…he plays better defense than Thames but he's a rally killer…even heard rumors from time to time about Manny Ramirez but would make me and many others puke…

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