Yankees New Pitching Coach Will Fly to Work with A.J. Burnett

Via Buster Olney of ESPN:

Brian Cashman: Larry Rothschild is expected to fly to Maryland in the next couple of weeks to meet with A.J. Burnett and talk some mechanics. Right after Rothschild was hired, Burnett called the pitching coach to chat.

We first heard about this about a month ago so this is nothing new. It is good though because it is obvious that Rothschild’s primary focus is on resurrecting Burnett’s career.

I like this a lot for two reasons. The first is because Burnett obviously needs a turn around. He was signed with big expectations and he somewhat fulfilled them in 2009 but came very short of them in 2010. It’s not too late for him as a lot of players have down years. So it is possible that this could help him have a big year in 2011.

The second reason is because Rothschild has never worked with Burnett before. This will give him a lot of time before the season or even spring training starts to get to know him. That way they aren’t learning as they go during the season. This is probably the reason they didn’t just fire former pitching coach Dave Eiland midseason. Having a pitching coach learning a pitcher with Burnett’s problems during the season isn’t fair.

I don’t expect miracles, but it is reasonable to expect that Burnett at least be a decent no. 3 starter for the Yankees. This can only help, not hurt that.

What do you think? Will Burnett be able to turn his career around? Or is this much to do about nothing?

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6 Responses to Yankees New Pitching Coach Will Fly to Work with A.J. Burnett

  1. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    I also think this is a good idea, though perhaps we might be stating the obvious. No one on the Yanks frustrates me more than AJ but I have to believe that he is capable of pitching better than he did in 2010. Aside from mechanics (which I’m no expert on), he obviously needs confidence. I think his biggest problem, and Hughes also at times, is that they don’t appear to be pitching with ease but rather trying to do much at times. I rarely see CC or Andy behaving that way. This is merely my impression and who knows what their thinking when their out there.

  2. smurfy says:

    I agree, Hardcore. Confidence, but even more, focus. I read here about a marital breakup during the season, but it has not been mentioned anywhere else. Major emotional challenge for a family man.

    Here's hoping he can adapt and overcome. With focus, he will shine again, Big Time. Big Time Burnett, I like that.

    • By the way, if you read about a marital breakup here then you didn’t read it properly. My article was written only to point out that he did NOT have any marital problems that ESPN radio was reporting.

  3. Rob Abreezy says:

    Rob, the phrase is "much ADO about nothing"…not "much TO DO about nothing"…Your English Literature degree has been wasted.

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