7 Days Until Pitchers & Catchers Report to Spring Training 2

yankees-spring-trainingThe Yankees don’t start playing games again until February 26, but spring training officially starts in just seven days when pitchers and catchers will report to Tampa. I can’t wait.

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2 thoughts on “7 Days Until Pitchers & Catchers Report to Spring Training

  • Mindkind

    The winter seems so long without baseball. I can’t wait for the new season with all the changes made around the leagues. Lots of changes. I’m excited to see how the Yankees season goes. From legends retiring to a farm system ready to deliver the next wave of potential dynasty building caliber players. No 7+ year 100+ mill contracts were given to 30+ veteran players and more emphasis on building from within. PLAY BALL!!!!!!

  • Bronx Knight

    Given the competition among existing pitchers (Nova and Mitre), comeback-trail rehabbing veterans (Garcia and Colon), and possibly up-and-coming prospects, this promises to be the most interesting spring training in years.

    Pitchers and catchers, baby!

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