Alex Rodriguez Completely Over Hip Surgery


Alex Rodriguez met with reporters for the first time of the year yesterday and it was different from years past because there were no major controversies to discuss (unless you count popcorn based stories).

A-Rod laughed off the popcorn stories, but he did talk about his hip and revealed something interesting. For the first time this offseason Dr. Marc Philippon, the Dr. who performed the hip surgery, told him he can go back to working out at 100 percent.

“This is as healthy as I’ve felt over the last several years,” A-Rod said. “I went down to see Philippon either in late-November or December and he gave me the full green light to actually go out and train like I usually do. The last several years, I’ve probably been 60-70 percent rehab, 30 percent training. This year, he actually let me go out, gave me the green light to do 100 percent training, get ready to play baseball.

“That said, I don’t make any excuses for what I’ve done the last several years, because no one wants to hear excuses, but at the end of the day, it’s been fun getting back to work.”

Maybe I’m being a bit naive here, but I’m excited for the possibility of a big season for A-Rod in 2011. Since the hip surgery his numbers just haven’t been what they used to be including the worst statistical season of his career last year. If he’s been able to work out at 100 percent for the first time in years that should go a long way in reversing his statistical trends. He’s not getting any younger, but he’s still just 35 and based on the weight he showed up to camp in, he still has the desire.

It doesn’t seem out of the question at all to think that A-Rod could put together a .300/35-40 home run season in 2011.

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11 Responses to Alex Rodriguez Completely Over Hip Surgery

  1. Bronx Knight says:

    Hear, hear …

  2. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    This is definitely good news. Hopefully, he can bounce back from what has been a very mediocre year by his standards. I think .300/35-40 is very doable.

  3. Mike S. says:

    I want to see if the SBs increase. Remember, this is a guy who has 301 SB to go with 613 HR. He had 24 SB in 2007 when he hit the 54 HR. Since then the SBs have gone 18, 14 and only 4 last year. It's an overlooked part of A-Rod's game, but if he can get back to around 20 SBs, it's an added plus.

  4. The Captain says:

    Regardless of what numbers we think he's capable of putting up this year, the fact that A-Rod is coming out and saying he's healthy and feels better than he has is great news.

    We've never heard him say this before, so for him to already be talking about it is a good sign for him and the team in 2011.

  5. Comparing stolen bases and RBI's does not work to either prove or disprove that it is a meaningless stat.

    I'm not saying that everyone needs to start using WAR and xFIP, but at least stop using RBI's and overvaluing wins.

    A guy can go 1-for-20 and pick up 4 RBI's and another guy can go 20-for-20 and get no RBI's. The guy with 4 RBI's is better?

  6. David K. says:

    It doesn’t matter whether he hits 35 homers or 25 homers. For a cleanup hitter, the important stat is RBI. I’ll sign up for 125 RBI, same as last year. This is where stats are totally over-rated. He had a pretty good season hitting in the clutch last year. In 2004, 2005, etc. he put up bigger numbers but was terrible in the clutch. He turned it around in the 2009 playoffs when he was outstanding in clutch situations. Interestingly, I’d say the 2009 regular season was amongst his worst seasons stat-wise. He had barely 100 RBI that year and 7 of them came in one inning of his last regular season game (Grand Slam and 3 run HR vs. Tampa Bay).

    • This isn't 1990. You should get used to the idea that RBI's are meaningless.

      • David K. says:

        RBI meaningless? How about stolen base stats. Unless a guy is stealing 70 or 80 bases, that is a meaningless stat. A stolen base can be a huge play in a game, like with Damon’s steal of second and third during Game 5 of 2009 WS, but for the most part, it doesn’t make any diff whether A-Rod steals 10 bases or 25 during the reg. season.

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