Hank Steinbrenner Blasts Team, Jeter, and Unleashes Other Random Thoughts

hank steinbrennerHank Steinbrenner spoke with the media today and like most times he speaks he said some pretty stupid, funny, and controversial stuff today.

Here, via Marc Carig of the Newark Star-Ledger, are the highlights:

  • Hank blasted Yankees for being unfocused last season and “concentrating on building mansions” instead.
  • He then backed off those comments (in which he was obviously talking about Derek Jeter‘s recently built mansion) by saying he’s “not singling anybody out”.
  • He said Cashman told Alex Rodriguez to take on more of a leadership role this past offseason.
  • Then he accused them of celebrating too much after winning the 2009 World Series.
  • Then he shifts gears to praise current team comparing them to the 2009 team because of their hunger to win.
  • Next Hank jumps to revenue sharing. He called it “socialism”.
  • He said the Yankees paid out $130 million last season between revenue sharing and luxury taxes.
  • This line is a gem: “Communism, socialism, whatever you want to call it, is never the answer.”
  • Then he called the AL East the best division in all of sports (hard to argue).
  • He also threw in some positive words about A.J. Burnett and Ivan Nova.
  • He revealed that both Joe Girardi and Mariano Rivera were consulted before signing Rafael Soriano.

Blasting last year’s team, praising this year’s team, calling out Jeter, and then just rambling about other random stuff. All in a days work for Hank Steinbrenner, who luckily has his brother Hal there to keep him in check.

Actually, we should all be thankful for Hal Steinbrenner. If this schizophrenic was left to run the team by himself we’d be perpetually stuck in the 1980’s.

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2 Responses to Hank Steinbrenner Blasts Team, Jeter, and Unleashes Other Random Thoughts

  1. af says:

    Whenever Hank opens his mouth

    It seems to me his brains fly south

    And he don't even know it.

    First A-rod opts out: see Hank panic

    Then disses Jeter: schizophrenic.

    Hey, Hank: why don't you stow it?

  2. Bill says:

    Every time the Steinbrenners insult Jeter all they accomplish is alienating their own fans. They had no problem taking government subsidies for their new stadium, no problem raising ticket prices, no problem squandering crazy amounts of money over the years for crappy players (Kei Igawa need not work another day in his life) and now they have the nerve to be critical of Jeter for building a house (with his own money)?

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