Joba Chamberlain Adjusts Mechanics

Larry Rothschild Joba Chamberlain YankeesVia Chad Jennings of the Journal News:

One non-weight note about Joba Chamberlain: He’s made a small adjustment with his hands during his delivery. “When I talked to (Larry Rothschild) about the idea, he said yeah, that was one of the things that I noticed,” Chamberlain said. “Just my hands traveling away from the center of my body, and that’s when your hand doesn’t catch up. And that’s where they were when I first got called up. I thought I’d go back and try that to get away from my hands being back up here because I bounce a lot and don’t get over the rubber.”

The thing I like about the Yankees changing their pitching coach in the offseason is that they get a fresh set of eyes looking at their pitching staff. New pitching coach Rothschild has a reputation for helping pitchers improve their strikeout totals and it is small stuff like where a guys hands are that can sometimes trigger that.

Something like this is probably nothing major though. It may help in a way we won’t see or it just might not take. It’s also possible that Rothschild plays a big role in helping him mature as a pitcher. Step one is improving his mechanics.

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5 Responses to Joba Chamberlain Adjusts Mechanics

  1. Mindkind says:

    Well in '10 he had 77 SO in 71.2 IP but pitched to the tune of a 4.40 ERA. We need affective outings from Joba how ever they come, if they come via the K's then the better.

    • I don't think his 4.40 ERA is as important as the fact that he was downright dominant at times. From July 28 to the end of the season, he pitched to a near 2.00 era, and touched 97 mph at times.

      The Yankees have finally admitted that he is a different animal in the rotation. He simply isn't able to sustain that sample frame of mind for 7+ innings. If he can eliminate those randomly scattered outings where he allows four runs in 1/3 of an inning, Joba will be a solid transition to Rafael Soriano & Mo.

      • Mindkind says:

        Cashman admitted that he has been a different animal after the shoulder injury. If the shoulder injury is healed completely I don’t see why Joba’s stuff wouldn’t again translate as a starter.

  2. Mindkind says:

    Maybe if Joba regains his ’07 form his stuff can be effective as a starter again. His ’07 stuff was good enough to be a really good starter. If his shoulder is fully healed, his hands back to where they were when he came up, maybe he shows enough to the point where the Yankees give him another shot at the starting rotation. Maybe I’m just a dreamer but I just hate to see a talent like Joba, for some reason or another, not fully utilize. This kid has front of the rotation stuff and I believe the only thing that stopped him was that shoulder injury. He should be fully healed by now, if not give him time in the bullpen but then move him back to the rotation where his talents belong.

  3. We need Joba for Strikeouts. He’s never going to be a starter, but a bullpen guy. So strikeouts are the key, and if Rothschild can get Joba’s K’s to come back, so much the better. If not, he’s gone in 2012. (Joba, that is).

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