MLB Commissioner Tells Hank Steinbrenner to Shutup

bud-seligI’ll keep this short because we’ve already touched on this subject a couple of times. But according to Newsday, the MLB commissioner, Bud Selig, has reached out to the Yankees to tell Hank Steinbrenner to stop talking about revenue sharing.

This still leaves Hank available for rediculous interviews about the Yankees and their mansions (which by the way he backtracked from claiming it was a euphemism and he wasn’t specifically talking about Jeter).

It is important to know that Hank has almost no power within the Yankees organization. What he says gets reported because of his last name and because what he says is usually stupidly funny, but he’s not much different from a ranting fan calling into WFAN.

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One Response to MLB Commissioner Tells Hank Steinbrenner to Shutup

  1. Franco Kotos says:

    He sounds like another Fredo.