Picture of Skinny CC Sabathia and More ST Pics 9

skinny CC SabathiaWith all the talk of CC Sabathia shedding 25-30 pounds this offseason I thought I would share a picture of him today. He does look a bit slimmer. In fact, Phil Hughes looks about as big as The Big Man.

I also included some other pictures of a few of the new players the Yankees have and a couple of the old.

yankees catcher russell martin

New catcher Russell Martin

new yankees reliever Rafael Soriano

New reliever Rafael Soriano

yankees freddy garcia

New starter Freddy Garcia

bartolo colon yankees

New starter Bartolo Colon

New Yankees outfielder Justin Maxwell

New Yankees outfielder Justin Maxwell

Jesus Montero

Jesus Montero

Curtis Granderson

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9 thoughts on “Picture of Skinny CC Sabathia and More ST Pics

  • Lincoln

    Ok, Sabathia is my size now…good job on the weight loss! The bigger story…does Bartolo Colon actually look like he's lost weight as well, or is it just me?? Also, is Soriano gonna be happy in NY? He doesnt look it right now!

  • Jason from The Heart

    Hughes looks about 20 pounds overweight, and whatever amount has produced his distended belly and man-boobs is disgraceful. Really Phil; hit some weights and run for goodness sake. Sabathia, on the other hand, looks terrific compared to years past. Barring several injuries to potential staff members, I have no interest in seeing Bart The Colon and his perennially flabby torso in pinstripes.

    That said, I am thrilled that today was pitchers and catchers, and cannot wait for baseball in the coming weeks. Considering this rather harsh winter, baseball comes at a perfect time.

  • Lincoln

    I’m a strong supporter of Phelps. I like to see the unsung prospects do well. Everyone is so high on the Killer B’s (as they should be), but Phelps, Mitchell and Noesi arent on the front page of anyone’s news. They are the closest to being in the bigs and they are pretty damn good too! If Garcia and Colon tank, I would like to see a combination of these three and Nova get the job done and show the baseball world that the Yankees have some great pitching standing in the shadows.

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