Red Sox Sign Alfredo Aceves to Major League Deal

alfredo aceves signs with the red soxVia Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe:

This just in: the Red Sox have signed Alfredo Aceves to a Major League deal.

This stings.

Aceves was great for the Yankees in 2009. He pitched 84 innings in 43 games with a 3.54 ERA and a 10-1 record. He missed most of 2010 with a back injury and is not expected to be ready to start the season after he needed surgery to fix his clavicle that he broke in a bike accident.

So Brian Cashman released Aceves because he didn’t want him on a guaranteed contract and eating up a spot on the 40-man roster. Yes, he released Aceves while Damaso Marte, who probably won’t pitch at all in 2011, still takes up a spot.

To me this is a very minor move. Back injuries are nasty and there is no guarantee that Aceves will even pitch effectively in 2011. But still, this didn’t need to happen. The Yankees, who have nearly a $200 million payroll were pinching pennies and now lost a potential starter and difference maker in the bullpen to the Red Sox. For what, $500,000?

Again, I don’t want to overstate the importance of this move. The Yankees bullpen should be fine and Aceves wouldn’t have been the rotation piece that puts them over the top. Still, it makes no sense for this to have happened. Not everybody needs to be signed on a non-guaranteed minor league deal.

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12 Responses to Red Sox Sign Alfredo Aceves to Major League Deal

  1. Susan says:

    I won't even comment on this one because it wouldn't exactly be "Rated PG".

  2. C.A.P.P says:

    Nice little pitcher in 08,09 and early 10. Won't pitch in '11. Shows why I am optimistic for this year; They can't take their eyes off the NYY. We can lauch some good young arms and polish the team come June, July.

  3. The Captain says:

    Bit of a bummer here. I know things are set right now with the ‘pen, but it would have been nice to have Ace stashed away in Triple-A if things got rough in the summer and the Yanks needed somebody there to be a multiple-inning stopgap out of the ‘pen to cover the back of the rotation.

  4. David K. says:

    Certainly at this point, looks like Cashman screwed up on this one, although it could be that the Yankees know something about the back problems that we (and the Red Sox) don’t. But why would a guy with a bad back be riding bikes and getting his collarbone broken? Very strange.

  5. Joe says:

    Another Cashman blunder. This has got to be Cashman’s last year. Look at his tyrack record for signing pitchers…. Other than CC he has failed miserably.

  6. Sorry Peter, I can't agree with you. Mostly because Aceves has real potential to be a starter, not just a middle reliever with back problems. The Yankees are in real need of starters. Terrible move releasing him and losing him to Boston. No reason for it whatsoever.

  7. Peter Lacock says:

    Ace was good a couple years ago but Boston must be desperate.
    The Yanks don’t need a middle reliever with back problems blocking the young guys.
    Obviously the Red Sox don’t have this kind of depth.
    Prudent (non) move by Brian Cashman.

  8. Mike S. says:

    I liked Ace. Versatile, can do decent in any role. Ramiro Mendoza-like in that regard. If healthy, could be a huge loss. If healthy, I’d rather have him as the #5 than some other guys. To quote either Alex or Jeter (or both) “he knows how to pitch.” I really wanted him healthy and back.

  9. Mindkind says:

    This is a bad. Aceves is injured now but he showed what he could do when healthy. He could have been a good starter for the Yankees. Not only is he not with the Yankees now he is with the Red Sox. Good move by Theo. Love Cashman but this is bad.

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