Rumors: Yankees Still In Contact with Kevin Millwood 22

Via Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

Yankees still in contact with Millwood. does this mean they’re growing more worried about Pettitte’s decision?

A couple of things. This tweet came out before the news that Andy Pettitte broke, but Joel Sherman of the Post reported that Pettitte actually informed the Yankees yesterday that he planned to retire. So when Heyman questions if the Yankees still talking with Kevin Millwood means they are worried about Pettitte’s decision, the answer is that they already knew he would retire.

So there is a good reason to believe that now that the Yankees know for sure that Pettitte plans on retiring that they’re going to ramp up their effort to sign Millwood.

The only issue is that according to Buster Olney of ESPN, Millwood is looking for a deal in the $4-$5 million range. That seems like a lot for a guy who had a 4-16 record and a 5.10 ERA last season. But Millwood has durability going for him if nothing else and the Yankees may be forced to pay him.

The Yankees would probably prefer to give Millwood a minor league deal with incentives based on starts. At this point it seems unlikely that Millwood would take that kind of an offer, but if the incentives were enticing enough then he might consider it.

What do you think? Without Pettitte in 2011 do the Yankees need to sign Millwood or is he washed up and not worth it?

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22 thoughts on “Rumors: Yankees Still In Contact with Kevin Millwood

  • Bronx Knight

    What’s the point here? Millwood is about as bad as you can be and still have a full-time job as a major league starter. Three of the four past years his ERA and WHIP have been over 5.00 and 1.5, respectively. His ERA+ has been under 90 for three of the past four years.
    Forget about Millwood. Let’s go with what we’ve got: Nova, Garcia and/or Colon if they do well in spring training, and a cast of thousands of solid prospects (e.g., Brackman), any one of whom can be no worse than Millwood.
    In fact, maybe we should just give the no. 5 slot to a rotating cast of promising rookies, give them a shot for a few starts, give them experience in the bigs, let them surprise a few teams, then pull them out before the hitters get a chance to adjust. Repeat as many times as needed.

  • David K.

    We don’t need him, why are they wasting time and money on him? Sergio Mitre would be a much better number 5 starter than Millwood. Enough said. Sometimes I just don’t get their thinking process.

  • Kevin Ocala, Fl

    Forget about the money for a minute (unless, of course your shareholder). A guy like Millwood throwing 200+ innings helps keep the bullpen fresh which ripples through the whole team. Mitre, on the other hand has demonstrated that he's a twice around the order pitcher,a guy that should only be used in blow-outs, basically. Running the kids out like a relay team for the 5th spot sounds good in theory. But, more than a few young pitchers psyche, not to mention arms have been blown over the years. But it could work. What I don't know, and what the Yankees do know, is what kind of stuff does Millwood still have? And can he remain healthy? At the end of the day I'd be inclined to offer, as Rob wrote, an incentive-laden minor league contract. Take it or leave it, how many teams are knocking on Millwood's door? I can't see the Yankees being leveraged because of Andy's retirement, and I doubt that Cashman will….

  • NYYank55

    Let’s give the kids a shot now that the opportunity exists. Enough of these washed up has beens already!!!

  • Susan

    I don’t get their thinking lately either but I can say without reservation, Kevin Millwood seems like Nolan Ryan compared to Sergio Mitre. Why on earth that slug is still on the Yankees roster is what is truly puzzling. I mean, honest to God, would Mitre even land on another major league roster if we flat released him? Certainly not on any respectable roster. The real question is, is Millwood a better option than Freddy Garcia? And no, I’m not even going to consider Bartolo Colon for a spot. Maybe as a mop up guy in Trenton or maybe if we want to enter someone in a hot dog eating contest but absolutely no way to be a starting pitcher in the AL East.

  • Mike S.

    From Twitter:

    Sweeney Murti: Best answer I've heard (He replies to @KenDavidoff): AL team exec, on #Yankees: "Millwood is not a help. He's just a name people know."

  • Mac

    I would welcome adding Millwood to the mix of possible starters … Not that I don`t want to give the young guys a chance – but most (maybe Brackman the exception) need a little more seasoning … Millwood`s K/9 and BB/9 rates were consistent with his career numbers last season with Baltimore, yet his era and W/L numbers were not … MAYBE the problem was the team behind him, NOT him? What’s the harm in having Millwood compete with Nova and Mitre (along with Colon and Garcia) for the 4 and 5 rotation spots? After all – the GOAL IS BEATING THE RED SOX, RAYS and BLUE JAYS for 1st place in the league … and of all those names mentioned, Millwood, at age 36, certainly has as much promise as any of them. In 2009, he was 13-10, with an era of 3.67 pitching in that hitters park in Texas. I`m not saying he`s the “answer”, I’m saying he’s a nice, low cost, possible answer, with little risk on a 1 year contract … and if he duplicates 2009 in a Yankees uniform in 2011 … we ALL would be VERY HAPPY!

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