Yankees Andy Pettitte Retires

The Core Four is officially no more.

After an entire offseason of will he or won’t he retire, five time World Series Champion and 16-year veteran Andy Pettitte will retire according to Michael Kay of the YES Network.

Without Pettitte the Yankees have just three pitchers who are definitely in the rotation in CC Sabathia, Phil Hughes, and A.J. Burnett. Sergio Mitre, Ivan Nova, Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia, and a few other prospects will battle for the final two rotation spots.

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10 Responses to Yankees Andy Pettitte Retires

  1. mindkind says:

    Wow the Core Four is no more!! Best of luck to Andy Pettite he was a great Yankee. Now I think the Yankees really need to give the pitching prospects a better look in hopes of finding the "next Pettite".

  2. Mike S. says:

    (Cue Bob Hope)/ Thanks for the memories:

    Thanks Andy. Yankees fans send much love your way.

    Next stop, retirement for #46, and definitely an "Andy Pettitte Day."

    Only a 14-14 2008 kept Andy from having a winning record in every single one of his MLB seasons. Only one pitcher who had a decision in 10 or more seasons had a winning record in every single season he had a decision in. Guess who that was? Babe Ruth. Granted Ruth had years of 2-0, 1-0, etc. after he made the switch to the OF, but… he's it—the only one.

    If only Andy could have had one more win in 2008. It would have been great company he would have kept.

    Still, .500 or better in every major league year. Nothing to sneeze at.

  3. loonidood says:

    Here’s wishing him the best of luck and life going into retirement!

    So, is it the young’uns or the veterans?

  4. The Captain says:

    Cash probably knew this all along. He never would have signed Colon AND Garcia if he really believed Andy was coming back.

    Thanks for a great career, Andy. We’re all gonna miss you.

  5. Susan says:

    You know, I am really surprised at all the positive comments towards this guy. Personally, I'm outraged at his decision. This is the SECOND time he's stabbed us in the heart and left our rotation in shambles. Remember after the 03 season when Wells and Clemens left, we were counting on Andy to be our ace and instead he wanted to follow his little boy friend to Houston because he felt "disrespected" in the contract negotiations.

    Now after missing out on Cliff Lee and having only two quality starters, he takes virtually all offseason to let us know he's not coming back. Gee, thanks. And yeah, I know he's been saying he was leaning towards not coming back but just make it official.

    My opinion is that he is retiring because once again the Yankees did not make him feel special enough or maybe didn't offer him enough money. And actually with the way Cashman has been acting lately, the latter is entirely possible. In his heart he knows his retirement will leave a gaping hole in the rotation and now it's too late to fix it unless by some miracle of God this crappy rotation can somehow keep us in it until the trading deadline. I'd bet money that had Lee signed with us, Andy would've come back.

    As I've said before, I have never fully accepted this guy after he pulled his crap in 2003 and left for Houston and today my feelings are confirmed. I don't respect him in the least and will never consider him a true Yankee like Bernie, Mo, Jeter and Jorge. I honestly believe both times he bolted was out of some sort of spite. I don't feel any of the other guys I mentioned would have ever done that to us and I am extremely irritated and disappointed in Andy Pettitte right now.

    • Mike S. says:

      Actually, Clemens followed Andy (and came out of retirement to do so), not the other way around. He didn’t hold Cashman up at all. Cashman has proceeded all offseason as if Andy wasn’t coming back.

      It is easy to forget that these people have families. They go to spring training in mid-February, and if they go deep into the postseason, don’t return home until late October. We are talking a good 8 months out of the year with little familial contact. Don’t forget the travel that the players have. Many players see a child graduating high school and remember that child as a four year old and wonder where the time went. They never saw that child grow up. Yes, many (like Andy) made all that money. But things like watching your child grow up can’t be replaced by money. I remember reading Roger Maris say that, and that was some 40 to 45 years ago.

      Yes,the rotation doesn’t look too good right now. But look this up. In 1996, 117 of the 162 games the Yankees played that year were started by someone who wound up the year with an ERA of 4.68 or worse. 117 of 162. The bullpen was the strength. Now God only knows if Joba/Soriano/Robertson/Rivera can match what Nelson/Rivera/Wetteland did in 1996, but you can only hope that they do. Yes, 2011’s rotation bothers me. But 117 out of 162 4.68 or worse? If I told you that in March, 1996 would you think the Yanks would go on to win the World Series? You’d have said no. And you would have been wrong.

      I’ll never hold it against ANY player to want to spend more time with his family (Pettitte in Houston 2004-2006, or retiring.) He had a $12MM contract on the table. A raise from 2010.

      Hey, if a player’s heart isn’t in it to come back, then I don’t want him here.

      • C.A.P.P says:

        We expect more from those we hold at higher esteem. He will be sorely missed. Poster pitcher of the 90's, 2000's.

  6. C.A.P.P says:

    To each one his own…..There once was Guidry. 10 years later Andy came along. No Yankee starter in the last 30 years comes close to the two. Neither going to HOF. Love to have seen 10-15 years of Glavine, Schilling and Johnson in pinstripes. I wonder how succesfull they would’ve been.

  7. Franco Kotos says:

    very sad to hear of Pettite retiring…that era of great players and championships are fading into history…i’m thrilled to see these new kids come up and become the next Andy Pettite…just a sad day…good luck andy, thanks for all the memories!

  8. A. Mobile says:

    Sad news for me because I am a fan pettite. God bless you with His kindness

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