Yankees are 1 of 8 Teams Michael Young Will Accept a Trade To

michael young isn't a good fit for the 2011 YankeesVia Jeff Wilson of the Star-Telegram:

[Michael Young] is willing to be traded to eight teams, according to a source: St. Louis, Minnesota, Houston, Colorado, San Diego, the New York Yankees and both teams in Los Angeles.

He has not given the Rangers permission to pursue a trade to a team outside of his wish list, even though the Rangers have heard from a few teams not on it.

I wrote this post not to get people’s hopes up that the Yankees will go after Young. Actually the opposite is true. As things stand right now it is extremely hard to see the Yankees making a deal for him.

First of all, for his production Young is an extremely expensive player. He’s still owed $48 million over the next three years. To put that in a little perspective, Fangraphs has him as worth just $13.13 million each year over the past three years and at age 34 we can expect him to decline even further over the next three years.

Even still, most Yankees fans don’t care about money (even though you pay for it through extreme ticket prices). So let’s ignore the money aspect of it for a minute.

Young has formally requested that the Rangers trade him. A big part of the reason for that is because he doesn’t expect to get enough at bats in Texas. He was supposed to be their everyday third baseman this year, but they signed Adrian Beltre. Then he was happy being the DH, but after they traded for Mike Napoli Young doesn’t believe there will be enough at bats to go around.

That brings us to why he won’t fit with the Yankees. If he’s expecting 500-600 at bats or more in 2011, he’s not getting it in the Bronx. Even as versatile as Young is, he can play second, short, and third, there just isn’t enough playing time to go around. Robinson Cano almost takes no days off. Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez figure to sit at least 20-30 games each, but that’s at most 60 games for Young. Even if you put Young at DH for 20 or 30 more games that still just 80-90 games for him to play. That’s not going to come close to the 600 at bats he’s going to need to make him happy.

So if he’s not going to be happy with 300-400 at bats in Texas, a place where he has played his entire career, what makes you think that he’ll be happy in the Bronx?

Besides, who wants a utility infielder, even one as good as Young, who makes $16 million a season. That’s so much more of a waste of money than Rafael Soriano was.

Don’t forget the prospects he would cost as well (although they admittedly wouldn’t be great prospects, but potentially ones that could be used in other deals).

What do you think? Should Young be somebody the Yankees are going after? Or does he just not fit into their roster?

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11 Responses to Yankees are 1 of 8 Teams Michael Young Will Accept a Trade To

  1. Scott says:

    I hope that they get him. It makes sense. He would be the best utility player in the leauge.. if you cant have the best starting pitching why not have the best bench, bullpen and and lineup.. who even knows if he can play outfield.. 16 M is high but rangers would eat prolly 18M and make it about 10M a year.. who knows what aroud or DJ will do or break down.. it makes great sense

  2. Keep in mind that the more money the Rangers eat in a deal the better the prospects will be. It’s probably a terrible idea to trade any halfway decent prospect for a bench/utility piece.

  3. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    This deal make absolutely no sense for the Yanks short of the Rangers picking up $35M+ and getting very subpar prospects in return.

  4. Mindkind says:

    You think Michael Young would accept coming to the Yankees as a bench player? The guy is a starting 3B. The Yankees have to use their prospects to address their needs…Pitching!

    • Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

      He might do it if only to spite the Rangers. He’s had a fine career but he has zero chance of making the Hall of Fame. As for future salary considerations, he’s locked up for 3 more years at huge pay so either way, he’s going to have to take a significant pay cut 4 years from now. By then, he probably will be the starting third baseman for the Yanks with ARod, if he can even still walk, playing DH.

      • Mindkind says:

        If Young is 35 years old now you think in four more years, when he is 39, that he will be the starting 3B? Any Hall of Fame consideration would be years down the line. He wants to start for a team not be a bench player. Baseball players won’t give up playing time just to spite another team.

  5. Bronx Knight says:

    No thanks.

  6. Mike S. says:

    The only way the Yanks can get involved is if a team wants Young but doesn’t have enough to give the Rangers and gets the Yankees involved in a 3-way trade. Of course, the Yanks would be looking for starting pitching if that would be the case.

    • Mike S. says:

      Yanks wouldn’t want or get Young of course. They would have to give up what one of the other two teams has a need for, and wind up with starting pitching in return. That is the only way Yanks could be involved in any of this.

  7. Franco Kotos says:

    no where to put Young and he’ll be 35 this year. Why waste any half way decent prospect that might hog up a DH position. Let someone else have this problem. And i agree with mindkind. We need starting pitching.

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