Yankees Dellin Betances K’s 3 in 1 Inning During Impressive Debut

New York Yankees pitcher Dellin BetancesThe Yankees drafted Dellin Betances in the 2006 draft and since then I’ve read a ton about him, and I’ve written a lot about him, but until his spring debut yesterday I’ve never gotten a chance to see him pitch in a game.

First impression, wow!

Betances faced four batters over one inning yesterday while striking out the side. He got the job done by locating a 97-mph fastball, firing in hard biting curveballs, and complementing both pitches with a very strong changeup. It’s one thing to read about a 22-year-old with amazing stuff, but it is really exciting to actually get a chance to watch him.

The thing is though, we as Yankee fans must temper our excitement over Betances.

He’ll turn 23 before the season starts which is an age where a lot of pitchers get called up, but he is just not phsically ready. He’s dealt with a decent amount of injuries in his career that has delayed his development somewhat. Because of that he has never really thrown a full 150 inning season down in the minors. Last year he only threw 85.1 innings which is not nearly enough to get him ready for the big leagues. Only 14.1 of those innings were above the Single-A level.

So he’s going to need to pitch another season in the minors. He’ll start at Double-A Trenton and if he pitches well he’ll get a midseason promotion to Triple-A. If he pitches really well it is possible he could pitch in the Bronx at some point this year, but even then he would be forced to play a small role in the bullpen because no matter what the Yankees are not going to let him go past 150 innings since his previous high is just 121 (back in 2008).

So it’s alright to be excited about Betances, but realize that he’s more of something to look forward to in 2012 than 2011.

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7 Responses to Yankees Dellin Betances K’s 3 in 1 Inning During Impressive Debut

  1. David K. says:

    If they are in the pennant race in late July, they can use him as a spot starter or reliever. It'll be all hands on deck then, so he could make an impact. I hope they hold on to Banuelos and Betances. If they trade someone, it should be Brackman.

  2. Mindkind says:

    I’m so excited about this kid that I want the 2011 season to be over already!!! Hopefully Betances gets called up sometime during this season pitches well; then gets a chance to earn a rotation spot in spring training 2012. It can be the same situation we saw with Ivan Nova. Pitched well in the minors last got called up pitched well enough to earn a shot at a rotation spot this year.

    • I just wanted to point out that there is a big difference between Nova and Betances. Nova threw 187 innings last year, but Betances will probably be limited to 150 innings. So it won't be quite the same. If Betances gets a shot in the majors this year it will be in August or September strictly as a reliever.

  3. Joe says:

    The Yankees need a new mission statement and change in philosophy when evaluating young talent. Take a look at the Braves, Giants, and Red Sox. Yankee management gives far too much credit to ageing veterans. This at a time when some of their core players are ageing veterans. I expect a change could occur if Cashman is not re-signed.

    • Franco Kotos says:

      The Yankees minor league system is one of the best in baseball right now…i agree with Dave K, Brackman could be the odd man out…Betances and Banuelos could become stars…most likely, other teams may go after lesser known but promising pitchers like Hall and Stoneburner…

  4. Bronx Knight says:

    As Whitney Houston said, "I believe the children are our future …"

    I'm with Mindkind — bring on 2012!

  5. yankee fan says:

    I agree. It is time to give these kids a chance. Maybe 2011 is to soon but 2012 should be the season to see these guys in N.Y.

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