Yankees Jorge Vazquez Opens Eyes with 2 Spring Homers

New York Yankees Jorge VazquezVia Bryan Hoch of MLB.com:

Jorge Vazquez wasn’t mentioned much by the Yankees over the winter, but the slugging first baseman has homered in the team’s first two Grapefruit League games, forcing them to take notice.

“If he hits a homer every day, I’m sure he’ll get the Grapefruit [League] MVP,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said.

Notice that Girardi didn’t say that if he hits a homer everyday that he’ll make the team. Because he won’t. Because spring training stats don’t matter. If they did Jon Weber would have made the team after his big spring last year instead of being sent back to the minors only to test positive for steroids in July. I’m not saying that Vazquez is on steroids, only that spring stats don’t matter for much and the Yankees understand this.

Realistically, Vazquez may be the newest version of Juan Miranda. He’s a guy who can slug the ball in the minors and could possibly even crack a few in the bigs, but because inconsistencies and defensive inability he’ll get very few shots to prove himself with the Yankees. He will maybe get the occasional call-up because of an injury or maybe even a trade, but the bulk of his playing time will be with the Scranton Yankees.

Still, it shows the Yankees have decent depth where they could call this guy up in an emergency and he might even help win a game or two with his bat.

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9 Responses to Yankees Jorge Vazquez Opens Eyes with 2 Spring Homers

  1. Mike S. says:

    It doesn't help him that the two positions he plays are 1B and 3B, positions occupied by Teixeira and A-Rod and even at that, Vazquez is battling Laird, Chavez and Belliard in that regard to be a backup there.

    He turns 29 in a couple of weeks.

    The dude can hit. .270-18-62 in just 76 games for AAA SWB last year. (.284-18-68 overall in 86 games). But poor BB/K ratio of 18/103. He hit .329-13-56 for AA Trenton in 2009 in just 57 games. But a BB/K ratio of 8/45. In short, 143 games in 2009/2010; AA/AAA. 31 HR. 124 RBI. .300 BA. Nice power numbers. But just 26 walks and 148 strikeouts.

  2. jo mama says:

    you are pretty much saying this guy has no chance are you high?

  3. Franco Kotos says:

    Vasquez reminds me of Scranton's big 1st basemen that played several games in the bigs in 2011…he's of that caliber…i love the way he's been hitting but it will take a miracle for him to make it onto the team…

  4. Kenghis Khan says:

    Posada's in his last year and he said it may be his last. A guy like this can easily be a DH for the Yanks if he continues to hit. At the very least, they'll use him in a trade. With the pop in his bat, he does have some value.

    • Posada said this is his last year? Im not trying to call you out, but I didn't hear/read that and it doesn't sound like him. To me he seems more like Bernie, he refuses to officially retire even tho he's been out of baseball for years. Do you have a link for that?

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