Correction, Yankees Nick Swisher Has NOT Hired Scott Boras as Agent

Update: Jerry Crasnick of ESPN is now reporting that Swisher has not actually hired Boras to be his agent. He has hired a new agent though, Dan Lozano.

This obviously is not as ominous, but Swisher’s new agent could still point to Werth’s deal as the market value for this type of outfielder. Of course, this would work better for Swisher if both he and Werth continue to hit over the next two years.

Many of Lozano’s clients have signed extensions before they hit free agency and struck deals that were beneficial to both the team and the player. That’s not how Scott Boras works as he tries to steer all of his clients to the open market before attempting to hammer them with expensive proposals.

Joey Votto and Jimmy Rollins are some other high profile Lozano clients.

Original post: Just one week ago Robinson Cano switched agents to Scott Boras and now we are hearing that Nick Swisher will also switch to the most infamous agent in baseball, according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

Swisher, 30, has one year left on a five year deal that will pay him $9 million in 2011. He also has a club option that the Yankees will most definitely pick up worth $10.25 million for 2012.

This means that when Swisher becomes a free agent he’ll be 32. That’s about how old Jayson Werth is right now (he actually turns 32 in May). Boras will almost definitely be throwing around comparisons between the two players trying to get Swisher a deal worth north of $100 million as well.

There are obvious differences between Werth and Swisher, but nobody thought Werth would get as much as he ended up getting. So you’d better believe Boras will be expecting a big payday for his new client. With a big year in 2011 and 2012, Swisher could be gearing up for a contract worth nearly $100 million.

With Cano set to become a free agent a year after Swisher, the Yankees are going to have to think long and hard about which one they are going to want to keep. At this point it seems highly doubtful that the Yankees will be able to re-sign both of them when they hit free agency.

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  1. Ralph Eherts says:

    All the more reason why the Yankees should keep the B's and give them a shot in the Majors to lower the pitching staff payroll.

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