Yankees Rumors: Twins Could Trade Francisco Liriano 20

the twins might be willing to trade francisco liriano, should the Yankees make a move?Via Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

With six pitchers vying for five spots in the Twins starting rotation, one possible solution is trading Francisco Liriano. Speaking to team officials recently, I’ve been surprised how open they are to this possibility, but the logic makes sense.

Liriano, 27, can become a free agent after the 2012 season. Coming off a resurgent year, he might never have a higher trade value.

One thing is clear: The Twins don’t plan to sign him long term. Last weekend, they avoided arbitration with a one-year, $4.3 million deal. From what I’ve heard, their long-term talks went nowhere, with Liriano’s camp hinting it wanted a three-year, $39 million contract.

The Yankees have already checked into trading for Liriano once this offseason so this is a bit interesting. This wouldn’t be an easy thing to pull off though.

If the Yankees could somehow make a deal without sending Jesus Montero or one of the Killer B’s (Andrew Brackman, Manuel Banuelos, and Dellin Betances) to Minnesota it would be a no brainer. The problem is that at least one of those players would likely have to be involved, perhaps two.

Is that really worth it? Liriano has a decent injury history and is just two years away from free agency where the Yankees could potentially get him for just money. They’re likely going to have to pay him a lot even if they trade for him so it might just be better to wait it out.

Waiting it out would not only save them prospects, but it would answer a lot of questions about Liriano. He’s already had Tommy John surgery and other problems. His delivery is still questionable and he’s only really had one good season. By waiting a year or two, the Yankees might end up paying him a little bit more, but those questions would likely be answered.

It might even be better if the Yankees waited until the July trade deadline before making a move here. That way they would get a chance to see if some of their young pitchers are ready and would have more time to evaluate Liriano.

What do you think? Should the Yankees make a big push for him now? Or is waiting the right thing to do? If you are in favor of a trade, just how much would you feel comfortable giving up for Liriano?

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20 thoughts on “Yankees Rumors: Twins Could Trade Francisco Liriano

  • David K.

    We should not trade Montero and Banuelos under any circumstances. If the Twins will take three other prospects, then by all means, do it. If they want Joba, I'd throw him in too.

  • the mighty caey

    You win for now. Now for 2 years. If they can hold onto montero and the best pitching prospect I say go for it. Liriano currently would be the best option the yanks have seen so far this winter after cliff lee. That’s my take.

  • Franco Kotos

    Liriano would be nice to have in pinstripes but the Yankees would have to part with someone. I could see them packaging David Adams who is a decent prospect. I’m not sure what the Yankees plans are with him.

  • Rocky Amato

    Bring Back Hideki Matsui: Tell me what you think…

    So we trade away Matusi after his MVP performance in the WS. Who do we get, Nick Johnson the most injury plagued player the last several years. So what happens; he gets hurt –SURPRISE-out for the season.

    You know what our rotating DH hit for 2010? 249 AVG 49 RBI’s (.baseball-reference.com). This tells us that the DH is not for every player. Some guys do very well in it; some suck!!!

    Matsui had his usual streaky season but wound up with 21 homers and 84 RBI’s in what a 140 games.

    This is not crazy thinking. The yanks brought back Bobby Mercer back in the day, they can do the same for Matsui. Keep him as the DH because YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET (280-300 BA / 20 -30 hr/ what 285 to 300 BA).

    Think about it. If at the end of 2011 the Yanks DH gives them Matsui’s type numbers what is there to complain about.

    FYI: Yankee fans are all over the world!!! I am retired from the USA and serving in Afghanistan as a DOD Civ. The Afghannies cannot get enough of Yankee clothing. Now these are folks that only recently got radios in their villages, but they all know about our Yanks!!!! Incredible.

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