A.J. Burnett’s 1st Start in Jeopardy Due to Cold

New York Yankees AJ BurnettVia Peter Botte and Anthony McCarron of the NY Daily News:

A.J. Burnett‘s comeback may be threatened by a bad head cold that had the Yankees’ No. 2 starter so congested Wednesday he was barely able to make out questions before the team workout at the Stadium.

“I can’t hear, I can’t breathe,” Burnett said. “Don’t get too close.”…

…”He is under the weather,” Girardi said. “But you would think by Saturday that hopefully most of it would run its course. But we won’t know.”

This is not a big deal, but if he is still sick by this weekend it could end up disrupting the rotation some. The way the Yankees have their rotation setup now, with Burnett, and not Phil Hughes, behind CC Sabathia seems to help them as the relievers will likely be more rested for Burnett’s start. That really seems like the only thing that would be at stake here.

With an off day Friday, the Yankees could potentially skip Burnett in the rotation the first time around, but that seems unlikely.

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  1. Mike S. says:

    The weather may help A.J. and Granderson both get over their afflictions (cold and ribs). Nasty weather on Thursday and Friday could delay the opener to Saturday. We will see but it could be a blessing in disguise to buy a little time.

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