Cashman: Some Prospects are Untouchable in Trades

New York Yankees Dellin BetancesVia Marc Carig of the Newark Star-Ledger:

“I have enough chips,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said. “But if people want to demand certain bullets, those certain bullets I’m not going to shoot. … There are untouchables here.

“You can figure them out. But there are certain guys. Like Phil Hughes. I said publicly I wouldn’t want to trade Phil Hughes. I stopped trade discussion on Hughes on (Johan) Santana because he was a rare, special guy. And he’s proven that out. He’s helped us win a World Series in the bullpen, he won 18 games last year, and we have certain guys we think are potentially even better than he is. That excites us.”

Without naming names it is safe to assume that Cashman is talking about the Killer B’s, Manuel Banuelos, Dellin Betances, and Andrew Brackman, and Jesus Montero as well. Still, it’s hard to see Cashman not willing to include at least one of these players in a deal for Felix Hernandez if he somehow became available.

Still, it’s good to hear this. It’s not every day a team gets three pitching prospects like these three and a huge bat like Montero’s. Unless they are making a deal for the very best there is no reason to deal any of them. Especially considering that the Yankees have plenty of other talent throughout the minor leagues that are good prospects in their own right, just not great prospects like the other four.

With the amazing quality the Yankees have in their second tier of prospects there is no reason to move their top tier.

What do you think? Is this smart of Cashman? Or are there certain players for whom anybody is available? Should any prospect aside from the Killer B’s + Montero be untouchable as well?

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6 Responses to Cashman: Some Prospects are Untouchable in Trades

  1. Franco Kotos says:

    any of those guys would be considered as trade bait for the right person…come on!

  2. Mike S. says:

    You can always hope that they become the next generation's "Core Four."

  3. Juke Early says:

    It is about time the greatest sports franchise in history stops getting "yanked" around by GMs looking to make their bones. Stop ass ki$$ing mercenaries who are S/P whipped by their hillbilly wives. AND why trade for another fat guy who would lose 3-4 Ws a season if he joined the Yankees – the rare team his current team can get it up for. Grow some, keep your own pitchers & live and die with them. Beating the hypocrites will be that much sweeter.

  4. Kevin Hammond says:

    I hope Cashman is speaking the truth, although that's doubtful. There's no reason to go into panic mode. As was mentioned earlier, it sure would be nice to let these young pitchers develop and show the folks who talk about how the Yankees always "buy" everyone off. Would it be nice to have King Felix in the rotation? Hell yeah, but not in a 5 for 1 swap. And that's the only way Jack Z is gonna give up his ace.

  5. Markstripes says:

    While I would like to keep Montero, Banuelos, and Betances, I would have to consider moving any of them in a deal for Felix Hernandez. It's hard to move a guy like Banuelos though, who Mariano Rivera called the best pitching prospect he has ever seen!

    • Franco Kotos says:

      Banuelos looks great out there and it would be nice to see him in the Yankee rotation someday but if the opportunity arises to obtain King Felix, he would be a Mariner in no time. Betances ranks higher but his control is a mess.

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