Correction: Yankees Never Made Offer to Aroldis Chapman

Cincinnati Reds Aroldis ChapmanVia Pete Caldera of the Bergin Record:

GM Brian Cashman said the Yankees never made an offer to Reds lefty Aroldis Chapman as an amateur. reported that a suit filed by Chapman’s former agent claims the Yanks offered in excess of $54 million to the Cuban pitcher, who signed for far less with Cincinnati.

This story is a bit confusing. Since the Reds signed Chapman we’ve thought that the Yankees never made an offer to him. Then last week SI reported that they made a substantial offer. Now they didn’t.

It’s a shame because despite the fact that Chapman isn’t exactly a finished product yet, he is still young, a lefty, and throws over 100 mph. There isn’t exactly a better description of a pitcher.

Maybe the Yankees shouldn’t have offered $54 million, but they should have made an offer. Even if it was a low ball offer. Looking back, it feels like the Yankees were asleep at the wheel for this one.

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