New York Yankees 2011 Payroll

new york yankees payroll moneyThis information is always available to BBD readers by clicking on the tab at the top of the site, but I thought now would be a good time to point out that the Yankees could have their first payroll below $200 million since 2007. Let’s break it down.

Here are the players with guaranteed major league contracts:

Here are players on non-guaranteed contracts that could make the team:

Pre-arbitration eligible players that will earn at or near the major league minimum (about $500K):

That’s 28 of the players most likely to make the roster. Jesus Montero is the only strong possibility to make the roster who is not on this list, but if he makes the roster Cervelli won’t and they will make close to the same amount. So if Montero makes the roster that doesn’t change the final number.

What is the final number? Guaranteed contracts total $193 million. Add the pre-arbitration players and the payroll climbs to roughly $196 million. Then you add a combination of Garcia, Chavez, and Colon. Assuming they all make it, a longshot, that bumps the payroll to $200.45 million which for all intents and purposes we can call $200 million (since I may be high on the pre-arbitration estimates and Garcia and Colon aren’t likely to make the team together).

Considering where the Yankees payroll has been over the past few years, this should leave them with enough payroll flexibility to add a big contract or multiple medium ones between now and the end of the season. Considering their question marks, that flexibility might be important.

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5 Responses to New York Yankees 2011 Payroll

  1. Mike says:

    If your dollar figures are correct, they would be below $200,000,000.00 since the major league roster is only 25 players……

  2. Andrew 518 says:

    For as much heat as Jeter took in the off season and as much as the Yankees took for "over paying" for him, it's a bit sobering to realize that he's getting less than half of what Rodriguez is making. He is aging, but I don't think you can make a valid arguement that in terms of both value to the frachise as well as on the field he is half the player.

    -Same could be said for Rivera

    -Not that anyone is arguing that Alex isn't grossly overpaid.

    • David K. says:

      In a capitalist market, you are worth whatever someone is dumb enough to offer.

    • Jaremy says:

      You could definitely argue that Rivera isn't worth half of what A-Rod is worth from a simple WAR standpoint, as relievers are worth far less than everyday players. But the issue is that everyone knows A-Rod is overpaid. No sense making 2 stupid decisions just because you can. That's just hrowing good money after bad.

  3. John says:

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