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Left-hander Pedro Feliciano may not be ready for the March 31 opener against the Tigers and could begin the season on the disabled list. Feliciano still feels discomfort behind his left shoulder and is scheduled to try playing catch again on Sunday.

Surprise, surprise. One of the most abused pitchers in baseball over the past few years might not be ready to start the season. Feliciano is clearly one of the top left handed relievers in baseball, but the Mets certainly were not afraid to use him as he’s led the league in games pitched for three years. He was even used in six consecutive games at one point last season and five consecutive games numerous other times.

This doesn’t seem very serious though and he may be ready to come back even if he does spend a bit of time on the DL. The concern here is that this is a sign of things to come. I’ve said it so many times that it has become a cliche, but shoulder injuries are nasty things for pitchers.

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7 thoughts on “Pedro Feliciano Could Start Season on the DL

  • john

    Good points rob I say why not let Banuelos start the season as a Lefty specialist. We will need a lefty for the Boston series.Girardi and Cashman are scared of playing young players and when they do they screw them up like Joba and try to constantly dump them like Hughes.

    Think out side the box for one time what could it hurt.

    Have a great day everyone

    • Rob Abruzzese Post author

      The Yankees have not tried to constantly dump Hughes. The opposite is true actually. They have actively tried to protect him. If he were available, somebody would absolutely trade for him.

      • john

        not the last year or so but they were trying as late as 08 to trade him and early 09 thats what if read in sporting news and a few other national writers.

    • Mike S.

      Lee apparently never was a realistic option. As it is now coming out, the Yanks were always Lee's 3rd choice. Even though the Yanks made a good offer, you can't force someone to come to you, and apparently it was always (in Lee's heart), Phils 1, Texas 2 and Yanks 3.

  • The Pirate

    Something it's wrong with Pedro Feliciano even before he sign with the Yankees, he originally announce his participation in the Puerto Rico Winter League in or about January, but at last minute he did'nt participate. We found that another team in the national league was interest in his service,but the no participation light up the red light that something was not right. I hope he does well as soon as possible for Yankees. He is a good left hander.

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