Quote: Cashman on Why the Yankees Didn’t Re-Sign Alfredo Aceves

Boston Red Sox Alfredo AcevesVia Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe:

“I offered [Alfredo Aceves] a minor league contract, that was it. I wasn’t going to do anything more than that,” said the GM. “Because of the back issue, we could not give him [a Major League contract]. He was throwing off the mound for us and he always hit a wall. So we ultimately continued to fail throughout the entire process to get him off the DL and active. He had a lot of success for a period of time, but then ultimately we’d had to take steps back and we’d have to shut him down and re-do the treatment.”

Ultimately Aceves is a Red Sox and we as fans aren’t going to like it, especially if he has any amount of success there at all. We won’t get angry at Aceves himself, but instead that anger will most likely be directed toward Brian Cashman.

The bottom line though is that Aceves missed almost all of last season with a back injury and anybody who is old enough to have watched Don Mattingly or at least seen his Yankeeography should know that back injuries are no small matter. On top of that he broke his collar bone which supposedly will keep him from starting the season (although he is already throwing with the Red Sox).

Cashman probably thought that it didn’t make sense to sign a guy who is potentially not even going to play, especially after he got burned with Nick Johnson last year and he saved a lot of money by releasing Chien-Ming Wang (who’s career is probably over).

It doesn’t make losing Aceves to the Red Sox any better, especially if he pitches well for them, but it is an explanation and one that is hard to completely hate the guy (Cashman) for.

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4 Responses to Quote: Cashman on Why the Yankees Didn’t Re-Sign Alfredo Aceves

  1. Yomommasan says:

    So basically it isn't only the Yanks who sign has-beens to ML contracts???

  2. Mike S. says:

    That uniform looks terrible on him, doesn’t it?

  3. David K. says:

    Was the broken collarbone on the right side?

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