Quote: Millwood Just Looking to Catch On with Yankees

New York Yankees Kevin MillwoodVia Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York:

“It probably would have been nice to get here a little earlier, yeah,” Kevin Millwood said “But it’s not going to do me any good to look back on it now. Now it’s just try to get ready, do what they want me to do, and see where it takes me.”

“If that’s all they’ve got, that’s all they’ve got,” Millwood said of possibly being the long-man. “Obviously I’d prefer to be a starter and go that way, but we’ll see what happens.”

That’s a good attitude to see out of Millwood, who arrived at camp Monday. Yes, he would have liked to have had things go his way, but they didn’t. It seems like he’s accepted that and he’s moving on. He has an option to opt out of his contract on May 1st if he is not on the major league roster. He should make the roster if he stays healthy. He’ll likely work out in extended spring training and Triple-A until he is ready to pitch in a big league ball game.

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2 Responses to Quote: Millwood Just Looking to Catch On with Yankees

  1. The Captain says:

    I wouldn't say it's a good attitude by Millwood so much as it's a guy saying what he has to say after coming to the sad realization that nobody is willing to pay him millions for a guaranteed Major League roster spot anymore.

  2. Franco Kotos says:

    My bigger concern is why Millwood went 4-16 with the Orioles…in part he was facing AL East hitters on a terrible team but I wonder if this guy falls apart when things don't go his way…head case??

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