Rumors: Teams Calling Yankees Looking for Pitching

New York Yankees Sergio MitreVia Chad Jennings of the Journal News:

One week before Opening Day, Cashman said teams have begun actively checking with one another to find out what spare parts might fit other situations. Specifically, Cashman said he’s gotten some calls about his extra pitchers.

“It’s been very quiet for the most part,” Cashman said. “But now obviously, tis the season where teams are trying to fill out their rosters, make their decisions, make sure that whatever they have, that there aren’t any better opportunities available outside their camps. There are conversations now. Everybody’s just picking the phone up and checking in with each other, myself included.”

This is the funny world of baseball. The Yankees and their fans have been left scrambling for pitching help ever since Cliff Lee decided to take his talents to Philadelphia. The thing is that the Yankees actually have an abundance of pitching. If they sign Kevin Millwood, they would actually have eight options for the starting rotation and that’s before they even dip into the minors.

So while Yankees fans aren’t happy with the prospect of Freddy Garcia or Bartolo Colon in the rotation, but there are a few teams out there that are desperate enough for pitching that even Sergio Mitre looks like a good option.

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