Rumors: Vernon Wells Would Have Approved Trade to Yankees

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Vernon WellsVia Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

Vernon Wells had 3 teams he would have approved for trade. besides Angels/Rangers, also Yankees. #winning

This doesn’t mean much to the Yankees now, or then. Wells is a decent player who has dealt with a few injuries that have derailed his career. Still, he is extremely overpaid, he’s due $86 million over the next four seasons, and both Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth were probably better options than him (at least considering the fact that the Yankees wouldn’t have had to give up anything for them).

It does go to show that even though the Yankees got burned a bit this offseason by free agents, Cliff Lee and Kerry Wood, that New York is still an attractive option for players. It’s a big stage and more often than not the Yankees are competing for a World Series.

Wells is not the only guy who would have approved trades to the Yankees either. Michael Young of the Rangers would approve a deal to the Bombers and Zack Greinke reportedly tried to talk them into trading for him this offseason. The Bronx is still an attractive place to play.

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  1. Susan says:

    I would much rather have gotten Carl Crawford.

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