Rumors: Yankees Have Discussed Signing Oliver Perez

New York Mets Oliver PerezVia Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

Yankees people have discussed Ollie as cheap sign. Initial read: Cashman not that enthused. Dbacks, w Towers ties, best hope?

Discussing Oliver Perez probably just means that the Yankees are doing their due diligence because he just does not fit with the Yankees in the majors or the minors. In the majors he just hasn’t gotten the job done for a long time. Because of his diminished velocity and his nonexistent location he is a liability in the rotation and certainly no better than Ivan Nova or Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia at this point.

Potentially what he needs to get back to the level he once was at is to just pitch and pitch consistently. The only place he’s going to do that is in the minors, but if the Yankees signed him with the intent that they could stash him in the minors he would be blocking the development of some prospects. The Yankees Triple-A and Double-A rotations are full as it is and there just isn’t any room for him.

The one spot where it wouldn’t be an absolutely terrible idea to sign Perez would be for the bullpen as a lefty specialist. Over his career Perez has held lefties to just a .226 average and that has actually been consistent as lefties hit just .214 off him last season. In that role he would be around to fill in for the rotation in case of an emergency too.

This may sound crazy to even suggest, but in a lefty specialist role he really couldn’t do too much damage and he would only cost the league minimum. If he proves to be so bad that he still can’t get lefties out consistently, the Yankees could just release him and the entire experiment barely cost them anything.

I wouldn’t want to see him get even a shot to crack the rotation at this point though. Even in the minors, that’s probably a terrible idea.

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2 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Have Discussed Signing Oliver Perez

  1. Delia says:

    I really hope it is just talk…if the Yankees had ever decided to sign Perez, then we would be taking that risk. The Mets had been there and done that. If the Yankees sign him, then apparently they learned nothing from their mistakes from signing players that couldn't get the job done. Did they not learn from the Carl Pavano incident?

  2. Mike S. says:

    I'd rather have Oliver Hardy than Oliver Perez…Stan Laurel, too. In his last 112 IP, 100 walks.

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