Rumors: Yankees Scouting Carlos Silva

Chicago Cubs Carlos SilvaVia Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago:

During Saturday’s 7-6 split-squad loss to the Cincinnati Reds, numerous scouts, including three from the Washington Nationals, saw [Carlos Silva‘s] best performance of the spring. The 31-year-old veteran threw five decent innings, giving up four runs on five hits.

In addition to the Nationals, the New York Yankees are following all of Silva’s outings, according to major league sources. Both teams need to fortify their rotations. The Yankees could easily absorb most of Silva’s $12 million salary for 2011 if they like what they see from the veteran pitcher the rest of the spring.

This has the feel of the Yankees doing their due diligence. The Cubs will pay Silva $11.5 million and they have options to replace him. After the fight that he started in the dugout last week it makes sense that they will look to move him. The Yankees obviously need pitching so they’re checking in on him, but that may be all it will come to.

The only thing Silva really offers the Yankees is a healthy veteran arm as his upside isn’t tremendous to say the least. Last season his ERA+ was just 103 and over the past three years it has been just 74. Because his numbers are so low the Cubs would practically have to give him to the Yankees for them to really be interested.

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6 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Scouting Carlos Silva

  1. Mike S. says:

    Personally, I'm not interested in him and hope the Yanks aren't either.

  2. Franco Kotos says:

    Silva stinks, he always has. The only plus he has is that he gives up few walks but too many hits to be a starter on most teams. I'd rather give Pedro Martinez a shot.

  3. Dante says:

    This guy is less than mediocre. Check out his stats. The fact that he's getting paid 12 mil just adds to the absurdity. Take a pass Yanks….take a pass!!!

  4. john says:

    This guy not only is BAD at baseball he is a total tool. He should never even be a thought. we already have one fat turd in Colon we dont need another. But Cashman did actually offer Pavano a one year deal so why not? unreal. this even being discussed makes me puke

  5. highlander64 says:

    Silva would make a great impact…i heard he can flip burgers with the best of them…

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