Rumors: Yankees Searching For Feliciano Replacement Via Trade

New York Yankees Pedro FelicianoVia Chad Jennings of the Journal News:

Neither Steve Garrison nor Luis Ayala will break camp with the team, but if the Yankees can’t find a replacement for Pedro Feliciano, one of those two will come up on Wednesday night.

This has me feeling like the Yankees are more worried about Feliciano’s injury than they have let on. If it was just a matter of him taking a week off then replacing him with either Garrison or Ayala is really not a big deal. Or it could mean that they have absolutely no trust in either Garrison or Ayala which could be the case. With the state of this team’s pitching staff every win could end up being essential and the Yankees have the Red Sox coming up the second week of the season.

It’s going to be hard to find something though as most teams are scrambling right now to fill roster holes. The Yankees do have players available to make minor deals though like Ramiro Pena who has become expendable since Eduardo Nunez grabbed a bench spot over him. He’s certainly not worth a lot, but he could be worth a middle reliever.

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7 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Searching For Feliciano Replacement Via Trade

  1. Will says:

    Is Ron Mahay worth a look? I believe he just got released…

  2. Yeah, actually that may be something they are looking into. He's 40-years-old and I don't know what his contract situation is, although I imagine that is probably not a big problem regardless.

  3. Mike S. says:

    Hopefully they are not interested in Mark Hendrickson, cut by the Orioles.

  4. highlander64 says:

    I used to like Hendrickson, thought he had good stuff but let's hope the Yankees stay away. Isn't Logan the right guy. 2 days to go guys and gals. Spring is here for good!

  5. rafael says:

    Cashman signing Feliciano was another of his mistake, a National League West Division was looking to sign him during the winter. But Feliciano never pitch for the Ponce Leones in the Winter league, ¿Why? Probably that team thanks his Scout for not signing Feliciano.

  6. burt says:

    hey my great yankee fans dont worry will get it done will grab somebody down the road if this doesnt work relax!!!!

  7. Susan says:

    Sign Felix Heredia and Gabe White NOW!!! 😆

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