Rumors: Yankees Unwilling to Deal Banuelos or Betances for Liriano

New York Yankees Dellin BetancesVia Jack Curry of the YES Network:

Cashman is confident the Twins will contact him if [Francisco Liriano] becomes available, but the Yankees won’t include Dellin Betances or Manuel Banuelos , their two premier pitching prospects, in any trade. Andrew Brackman, who is the organization’s third-best pitching prospect, is another player the Yankees would be reluctant to move.

Supposedly the Twins are not interested in dealing Liriano right now. That might last a week, two weeks, four months, or two years. The Yankees seem to be interested in dealing for him though. Yesterday Brian Cashman said he wasn’t talking to anybody, but Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York was able to confirm that the two sides at least discussed the possibility of a deal.

When, or if, the Twins feel comfortable dealing Liriano the Yankees will be there waiting, but if Curry is correct they won’t be waiting with Betances or Banuelos. Brackman could be a possibility and we’ve already heard the names Joba Chamberlain or Ivan Nova have been floated out there by Bob Nightengale of the USA Today.

There are questions about Liriano’s durability, but he is young, still 26, and has a great strikeout and groundball rates that are attractive in young pitchers. He is also under contract for the next two seasons on very team friendly deals. It seems like if the Yankees can acquire him while holding on to their best two or three prospects it is a no brainer.

Waiting until July to make a deal might be a good idea though. That gives the Yankees a chance to see if his shoulder is really an issue or not and it also gives them time to see if what they currently have, Bartolo Colon or Freddy Garcia, have anything left. Or if their prospects, Nova, Hector Noesi, or David Phelps are ready for the big leagues. There is a risk of waiting, he could pitch lights out baseball for the next four months and drive up his price to the point where including Betances or Banuelos would be a requirement in making a deal.

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2 Responses to Rumors: Yankees Unwilling to Deal Banuelos or Betances for Liriano

  1. john says:

    Cashman was reluctant to Move the big three prospects in 07-08 Hughes Joba and Kennedy. Hughes is a stud and the ruined Joba and gave up on Kennedy way to quick.

    Sorry if I come on here and Bash Cashman all the time but if he finally gave up on Kennedy and didnt get a pitcher in return. He gave up Coke, Kennedy and Jackson for Granderson. He couldve left Arizona out and gotten Edwin Jackson back. I do NOT want Liriano for these young guys. Like Santana he gets hurt too much and would cost too much. No Thanks, stick with Nova who I think highly of and find a #5 wherever you can Sweaty Freddie was better than his stats last year, he can be better than Little Game Javy.






    Let it roll and get rid of Colon's fat rear end

  2. john says:

    I live in the Chicago area now and they follow the Twins every move around here.Because of the White Sox rivalry. Rumor is that the Twinkees want to whack Liriano because in addition to injuries he allegedly has a poor attitude and work ethic and Gardenhire doesnt deal with that crap. Just the rumors who knows.

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