Who is Your Favorite of the Yankees Killer B’s?

New York Yankees Andrew Brackman Dellin Betances Manuel Banuelos

(Click here to vote on the Killer B whom you think will be the best Yankee).

The Diamondbacks current general manager Kevin Towers is the former Padres GM, but before he got that job he had a brief stop in the Bronx as a sort of a roving scout for the organization.

He didn’t do a whole lot while he was here, although he does have his thumbprint on a few minor moves, but it has been interesting to hear his outsiders perspective on a few of the Yankees farmhands. Earlier this week Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports caught up with Towers and asked his opinion on the Yankees big three, the Killer B’s (Dellin Betances, Manuel Banuelos, and Andrew Brackman).

Towers said that he likes Betances the best of all the Killer B’s despite the fact that Banuelos is generally considered the Yankees best pitching prospect. He said that Betances could be as good as Felix Hernandez, whom Yankees fans have been fantasizing about all offseason.

Towers did say that he likes Banuelos a lot to and compared his upside to Teddy Higuera in his prime, but better. Most of you are saying, who? For those of you who don’t know, Higuera was a Mexican pitcher who pitched for the Milwaukee Brewers in the 80’s. Higuera never ended up being a great pitcher, but he was amazing in his prim years, putting up a 141 ERA+ from 1986-1988. If either Banuelos or Betances reach those levels that Towers envisions the Yankees would be beyond thrilled.

Personally I like Betances a lot, but because of injury questions I always thought that Banuelos could end up being the best of the three (I was never completely sold on Brackman and even though he has real promise I remain skeptical). But hearing Towers heap such praise on Betances has been great.

This all got me wondering though, which of the Killer B’s are Yankees fans most looking forward to? So I came up with this poll and want fans to vote for the Killer B, they think could end up being the best in Pinstripes.

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2 Responses to Who is Your Favorite of the Yankees Killer B’s?

  1. Mike S. says:

    I'm still not sold on Brackman, but love Banuelos and Betances.

    I remember Higuera very well. Fernando-lite. Mattingly praised the hell out of him. From 1985-1988, Higuera averaged 17-10, 3.25. 2nd in ROY in 1985, 20 game winner 1986 and CYA runnerup (All-Star, 15th in MVP voting), 6th in the CYA voting in 1987. Superb pitcher. Injuries, starting in 1989 started his downfall.

    For the record, Mattingly vs. Higuera. .278-3-11 (20 for 72).

  2. The Captain says:

    ManBan all the way. You can't put a price on a young lefty with an ace-type makeup and ace-type stuff to boot.

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