Who Takes Feliciano’s Spot in the Yankees Bullpen?

New York Yankees Steve GarrisonIt looks like the Yankees primary lefty out of the bullpen, Pedro Feliciano, will be starting the season on the DL and now they have to figure out how to set the pen in his absence.

The way it was ideally going to be set up they would have had Feliciano, Mariano Rivera, Rafael Soriano, David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain, Boone Logan, and Bartolo Colon as the long-man.

So without Feliciano they will have to look for the final piece of the pen. Another lefty is possible, but not necessary as long as Logan is around. He was mostly the only lefty in the bullpen last season and handled the work alright. If they do decide to go with another left then Steve Garrison is likely whom they are going with. Besides him there are two other left handed options, Andy Sisco and Jose Ortegano, that could win the job.

If they choose not to take a second lefty with them to the Bronx the choice seems to come down to Luis Ayala or Mark Prior, as both pitchers have impressed the Yankees this spring. Romulo Sanchez seems to be an option as well, but for two days it seems like the Yankees have been on the brink of trading him. It should be pointed out that those rumors started before it was confirmed that Feliciano was going to start on the DL. Perhaps this changes things, perhaps not. He doesn’t have any options left though so eventually when Feliciano returns they would probably lose him through waivers when trying to send him back down anyway.

There are a few other options, but at this point the ones mentioned above are by far the best. It is very doubtful that they would go with any rookies and the only other veteran possibilities, Brian Anderson and Buddy Carlyle were not very impressive in camp.

Overall it seems like Garrison has a good chance to win the bullpen job. Ayala and Prior have had good springs though and make the decision interesting, but with they are playing the Red Sox, who are lefty heavy, the second week of the season and if Feliciano isn’t back by then it seems likely that Garrison will be on the team.

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