Yankees Add Ivan Nova & Freddy Garcia to Rotation

New York Yankees Freddy GarciaThe question of whom is going to be the Yankees fourth and fifth starters was finally answered today when manager Joe Girardi announced that Ivan Nova and Freddy Garcia have won roster spots.

Bartolo Colon will stay with the team as the long man despite out-pitching Garcia this spring because the Yankees think that he’s better suited for the role. Their reasoning is that he tends to start games with significantly stronger velocity than he finishes and there is concern over whether or not his body would be able to withstand the pressures of starting.

This leaves the Yankees with CC Sabathia as the ace, A.J. Burnett as the no. 2, Phil Hughes as the no. 3 starter, with Nova and Garcia rounding out the back end. They also have Kevin Millwood, who they signed to a minor league deal yesterday, but he won’t start the season with them as he missed most of spring training. If he doesn’t make the Yankees by May 1st, he can opt out of his contract.

In the end the Yankees never really gave any of their touted prospects much of a shot to win a rotation spot. The biggest reason for this is probably fear of having two rookies in the rotation, a plan that failed them in 2008.

Now that the rotation is finally set, we’d like to hear what you think of it. Is this how you envisioned the starting five?

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2 Responses to Yankees Add Ivan Nova & Freddy Garcia to Rotation

  1. john says:

    Anyone who is pining for Colon to be in the rotation is misguided at best(you Wallace Matthews) he is unreliable and fragile. Not to mention a bad guy who took off on the White Sox in 09 and never returned from his rehab assignment.

    Big fn deal he had great spring Numbers they do not count.He is better in the Mitre role and Freddy just has to be better than Javier Vazquez.

    Trust me Colon would have fizzled out as a starter by June 1st ask Ozzie Guillen.

    As for Nova Im big on him, Im shocked our front office and so-called manager actually gave him a shot I figured they would bury him.

    They could have a good future with Hughes,Nova,Banuelos as a homegrown core.Remember Phil (CY)Hughes is only 24 to start the year.

    Have a great weekend everyone

  2. Matt says:

    It really doesn't look like a starting 5 ready to make a series run, but I'll take it. I'm happy for Nova, but he and Freddy will have a short leash once Millwood is ready, or if Hector & company pitch well in Scranton.

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