Yankees Could Release Sergio Mitre

New York Yankees Sergio MitreVia Joel Sherman of the NY Post:

There are scouts saying that they are convinced the Yankees are going to release Sergio Mitre

…Mitre was supposed to start yesterday. But he said he came down with an injury to his side. OK, then we will just take it as coincidence that a righty with ordinary stuff came down with a side injury rather than take a three-hour bus ride to face the Red Sox’s lefty-leaning main lineup (minus J.D. Drew) on national TV. It is just miraculous, I suppose, that Mitre was reporting no pain 24 hours later and might pitch as early as Thursday.

Some scouts saying that the Yankees will release somebody certainly doesn’t mean that he’ll be released. Sherman’s evidence that he could be released is interesting though. The bottom line is that the Yankees do have other options for both the rotation and the long-man and they don’t necessarily need to pay Mitre to do a job that other pitchers could do.

Via Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors:

If the Yankees release Mitre prior to March 28th, he’d only be due 45 days termination pay, which on his $900K salary equals $222,527.  If they release him after that they’d owe the full $900K, less the prorated portion of the league minimum if he signs elsewhere.  So either way the bill to let Mitre go should be less than $500K.

So if the Yankees feel like they have other pitchers that can either fill a rotation spot or a bullpen spot at least as well as Mitre can and they can save nearly $700K while using those other pitchers then yes, there is a very real possibility that they could cut him loose. Still, there is a big difference between speculation among scouts and reporters and the Yankees actually cutting a guy. Wait for an official word before Mitre is counted off the roster.

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  1. Franco Kotos says:

    keep Mitre if his injury isn't significant…he's a good option as a long reliever…

  2. Susan says:

    I hope we release him, he's terrible.

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