Yankees Have Not Settled on Jesus Montero As Backup Catcher

New York Yankees Jesus MonteroEver since Francisco Cervelli has gone down many, myself included, have just assumed that it is now Jesus Montero‘s job to lose and while that could be the case it is important to remember that he hasn’t won anything yet.

Here is what Mark Newman told NoMaas.org earlier this week:

No decision has been made. At-bats are an issue for Montero, but so are innings caught. It depends on how much he plays when discussing the effect on his development.

So from what it sounds like, Newman doesn’t appear exactly thrilled with the idea of Montero starting the season in the big leagues. On the other hand Joe Girardi seems to like the idea of breaking Montero in slowly behind Russell Martin the way they did with him and Jorge Posada. It should be noted that Posada was already 25 when the Yankees started breaking him in and Montero is still just 21. That is a big difference.

So maybe Montero wins the job, but the Yankees still haven’t made up their minds and he hasn’t won anything yet. Two other possibilities include using Austin Romine, even though there would still be the same development issues, or Gustavo Molina. Molina doesn’t seem like a realistic option, but it could be. They could try to carry him on the roster in April and just give Martin the bulk of the playing time as the Yankees wait for Cervelli to return. That does seem like a realistic option at this point.

One person who does not seem like an option at all is Posada. He hasn’t caught one during spring training yet and the Yankees don’t seem to be planning on using him back there at all.

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3 Responses to Yankees Have Not Settled on Jesus Montero As Backup Catcher

  1. JoeYankeeFan says:

    I knew Cervelli's foot was hurt as I watched that play unfold live. It's really to bad because he appeared to be in great shape this year looking a little sleeker and hitting the ball well, though in a very limited number of AB's. IMO it's still just a matter of time before Montero takes the starting job outright. Let's face facts, even at his best Cervelli is probably no more then a .280 hitter with no power and a below average arm.

    He's a good back-up

  2. highlander64 says:

    One of the problems with having Montero starting in the big leagues is his bat. He started out slowly at AAA and if he doesn't produce decent numbers, his trade value will drop off somewhat and Cashman knows that what he really needs is another top pitcher in the rotation. There's very little available in the free agent market next year. I'm not convinced that Montero will be with the Yankees in 2012 and he could be traded sometime this season. If that's the case, it's better off that he remains at AAA, honing his defensive skills and more importantly, not reducing his trade value. Ultimately, I believe Montero will get the back-up position but Cervelli's injury hurts the Yankees in more ways than one.

  3. Henry says:

    I you serious. Trade Montero. Is there something wrong with your brain. You need to learn something about baseball. Why would you want to trade Montero? Romine yes of course he is not that good with the bat. In fact he isn't that much better with the glove. Montero is a budding big star.

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