Yankees Minor Leaguer Suspended for Steroid Use

Via Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York:

Eliseo Batista, a pitcher in the Yankees organization who pitched in the Dominican Summer League, was among five minor leaguers suspended for 50 games today by Major League Baseball for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. The suspension will take effect at the beginning of the 2011 Domincan Summer League season.

This is probably not a big deal at all. Batista is certainly not a big prospect, I’ve never even heard of him, and even if he was, he’s still in the DSL which means he’s not even close to making the major leagues at this point. Even the top prospects in the DSL don’t mean a whole lot to the organization until they’ve played at least one game in America.

This is likely just a kid with fringe stuff who is trying to make it to America and ultimately the big leagues and decided to get a little edge. Or maybe he’s just a guy with decent stuff that is trying to come back from an injury faster. Either way this is possibly the last time we’ll ever hear about this kid, although the same probably was said about Hector Noesi when he tested positive for steroids a few years ago.

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