Yankees Send Colin Curtis for MRI

Via Chad Jennings of the Journal News:

Colin Curtis jammed his right shoulder making a diving catch in right field this afternoon. He left the park with his arm in a sling, and Joe Girardi said Curtis will get an MRI tomorrow.

“I just landed on it funny,” Curtis said.

This isn’t too big of a deal for the Yankees as Curtis was only expected to be a small role player at most for them this season. It means more to Curtis as this will hurt what little chance he had of making it on the roster. If the Yankees carried a fifth outfielder at all Greg Golson might be considered the front runner for that job. Justin Maxwell would also be in the running for that job, but it’s hard to say if he had a better or worse chance of making the roster than Curtis.

He probably wasn’t going to make the team anyway as the Yankees plan on carrying 12 pitchers which leaves only enough room for four bench players. Considering they are going to need a backup catcher, Andruw Jones, and Eric Chavez, it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll carry that fifth outfielder anyway.

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