Cashman Blasts Mets Over Feliciano Abuse

New York Yankees Pedro FelicianoVia Peter Botte of the NY Daily News:

“He was abused,” Cashman said of the lefty reliever who led the majors in appearances the last three years.

That didn’t stop the Yankees – desperate for a lefty bullpen arm – from signing him over the winter, but Feliciano is starting the season on the DL with a rotator-cuff strain.

Cashman said the injury may not be related to overuse, but that did not stop him from taking a pointed shot at the beleaguered Mets, who are reeling from woes on and off the field.

“The concern is based on the MRI, not necessarily the use pattern, which was abusive,” Cashman said about Feliciano’s injury. “The MRI itself obviously shows what he’s got and that leads us to believe all of this is resolvable and not a major issue. It’s just a timing issue.”

This shouldn’t be news to anybody let alone Brian Cashman. When I first wrote my preview of lefty relievers available this offseason I barely mentioned Pedro Feliciano because he was abused so badly over the past couple of years that I initially thought the Yankees wouldn’t target him. I was wrong, but it wasn’t because Cashman didn’t know about it, it was just that the lefty market wasn’t exactly flush this offseason and he took a calculated risk hoping that he could hold up.

At this point I’m not going to kill him for guessing wrong on Feliciano, I’ve already done that and that’s not the point here. The point is that Cashman knew this, he signed him anyway, and it came back to bite him in the ass immediately. Don’t complain about it, he knew that this was a real possibility. If he thought that the Mets abused him so badly, they did, he should have just stayed away.

This is not the Mets problem anymore so it’s a waste of time dragging them into this. In fact, they were actually pretty smart to realize that it was time to walk away and the Yankees weren’t. For the first time in years the Mets made a better decision. There is no use crying about it now. Let’s just hope his rotator cuff injury doesn’t cost him more than just a month.

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  1. Matt C says:

    This was indeed a strange rant. You are right, everyone knew the appearance issue so I'm not sure why he's choosing to vent now.

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