Discussion: Posada has 7 Hits and 5 Home Runs

New York Yankees Jorge PosadaI don’t quite understand it, but despite a slow start that sees Jorge Posada batting just .189 he is leading the American League with five home runs and is still a threat whenever he is at the plate.

He’s not going to do it, but he’s on pace to hit 80 home runs while hitting below the Mendoza-Line. I’m not sure how to explain it. It could have something to do with the fact that Posada has always been a guess hitter. So maybe his bat is slowing down, but every now and then he guesses right and gets a hold of one.

I doubt it has much to do with an adjustment to the DH position. I feel like that has been a story that is overplayed. Sometimes people bring up the fact that during his career he’s always hit worse as a DH, but remember most of the time he was DH’ing it was because he wasn’t healthy enough to catch. It’s probably just one of those fluky things that happens because they have only played 10 games so far this season.

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  1. Franco Kotos says:

    Posada should be used as a pinch hitter late in the game only…he's slow, he hits into dp's…i don't see him hitting .250 this year..might not even be a .220 hitter…

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