Feliciano Might Avoid Season Ending Surgery

Pedro FelicianoPerhaps reports of Pedro Feliciano‘s demise were a bit premature. The lefty found out he needed surgery to repair a torn capsule in his shoulder last week, but he got a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews who recommended a conservative treatment program that lasts six weeks instead. He will remain with the team throughout the six weeks.

This doesn’t mean that Feliciano will definitely be back in 2011, but it is a world better than surgery which would have no doubt ended his season and perhaps his career with the Yankees.

Now the Yankees have to be patient and give him the full six weeks to rehab. At that point he would still be a few weeks away as he builds strength and gets game ready once again. Best case scenario is probably about two months, but in reality this seems like a longshot to work at all. It’s better than definitely losing him.

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  1. Franco Kotos says:

    at this point, even if Feliciano returns, don't expect much…he was on the decline anyhow…

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