Jesus Montero Off to Hot Start in Triple-A

New York Yankees Jesus MonteroWhen Francisco Cervelli fouled that ball off his foot landing himself on the DL for at least a month, the backup catching job became Jesus Montero‘s to loose. Unfortunately for the youngster the pressure got to him. He started slumping at the plate and that carried over to his defense and the Yankees had no choice but to start him in Triple-A.

The Yankees didn’t want to do this. Early in spring they talked only about reasons why coming off the bench in the major leagues would be beneficial to him. It was when he really started struggling that they mentioned Gustavo Molina as a possibility. They didn’t want Molina to make the team though which should be obvious as Russell Martin is the only catcher in baseball to have played every defensive inning for his team.

The Yankees really had no choice though as Montero was clearly putting too much pressure on himself and sent him to Triple-A Scranton. Last season, when he really had no chance to make the team out of spring training, Montero slumped and struggled with what he perceived as failure for not making the team. It took him a while to get things going. So this season finally with a real shot to make the team the same thing could have happened. Montero could have sulked and continued his preseason struggles, but instead the opposite has happened.

Through four games this season Montero is tearing the cover off the ball. He is hitting .450 with a whopping .650 slugging percentage. It’s obviously too small a sample size to draw any strong conclusions from, but it appears that Montero has gone back down to the minors this time with the proper mindset. Should he continue that it will only be a matter of time before he is back in the Bronx.

When that exactly will be is hard to tell. Martin is starting off his own season in fine fashion and Cervelli will be back from his injury in probably 2-4 more weeks. As long as Martin is playing this well there is no chance that somebody other than Cervelli will be the backup when he gets back.

So Montero will eventually get his chance, but it doesn’t appear to be coming very soon. If his bat stays hot all year though it will be next to impossible for the Yankees to deny him for too long. It is important for him to keep that bat in order though. So far that hasn’t been a problem.

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8 Responses to Jesus Montero Off to Hot Start in Triple-A

  1. The Pirate says:

    Now is the time to trade him for a First Class Pitcher.

  2. Mike S. says:

    He had three more hits tonight, two doubles. Now at .480 (12 for 25). But it's hard to tell defense only from the boxscore.

    • Henry Wrinkle says:


      Imagine had he done that in spring training! Goes to show you how special this guy is going to be.

      • Mike S. says:

        Once the pressure of winning a job was off, he went nutso. I heard he had 3 HR in spring training once he was sent back down.

  3. Henry Wrinkle says:

    I am so tired of hearing negative statements on Montero's spring training. He was very good defensively. He threw out runners better than anyone and frankly one of the networks did a little short video showing how well he was blocking balls and how well he was framing for the pitchers. Odd isn't it that no one can show any film of him playing his position poorly. And to Pirate might I suggest you consider becoming a Red Sox fan. To put it bluntly if this kid ever becomes an average defensive catcher he would likely one of the best players to ever play the game. Montero is special.

    • If you think that he was good defensively at the end of spring training then you didn't watch enough games.

      Also, slow down on the best players to ever play the game hyperbole. He hasn't even played a single game yet.

  4. Henry Wrinkle says:

    If you think he is so bad why would anyone want to trade a front line pitcher for him? A front line pitcher will cost plenty including one of out present starters. Expect the yankees to have to trade Hughs or Nova. The only exception would be Baneules and maybe Brackman.

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