Phil Hughes and the Yankees Give the Red Sox Their 1st Win

New York Yankees Phil Hughes

Phil Hughes started for the Yankees today and was awful as he gave up six runs in two innings en route to a 9-6 Yankee loss to the Red Sox during their home opener.

Hughes just did not have it as his fastball was topping out at 90-91 mph and he had no location whatsoever with any of his pitches. Dustin Pedrioa smashed a flat curveball over the Green Monster. The Yankees could have come back as Lackey was nearly as bad allowing six runs in five innings and they got a great performance from Bartolo Colon who went 4.1 innings and allowed just one earned run. Unfortunately they couldn’t take advantage thanks to Boone Logan‘s poor performance that killed any chance to finish off the comeback.

The Yankees actually scored first in this game as Robinson Cano picked up a two-RBI double in the first. They also got a run in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th innings before being shutdown by the back-end of the Red Sox bullpen. Alex Rodriguez had a big blast as he hit a home run in the 5th that tied the game at 6-6. Unfortunately that was the last of the Yankees offense.

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17 Responses to Phil Hughes and the Yankees Give the Red Sox Their 1st Win

  1. David K. says:

    There's something wrong with Hughes. Could be a dead arm because he threw too many innings last year or a shoulder injury about to happen. Could be that he's not getting enough leg drive to the plate because maybe he didn't do enough running over the winter. Could be that he worked too much on his changeup in spring training and now is holding the ball too tightly and choking off his fastball. Maybe it's the broken rib that he once pitched with for a half season without even knowing about it. Whatever it is, he won't be effective without a good fastball; he is a power pitcher and doesn't have the ability at this point to get people out like Jamie Moyer.

  2. The Pirate says:

    Yankees better try to find out what is the reason for such a disaster during the spring training and at present. Hughes it's better than in his last presentation. The way his performing he shall be send back to the bullpen and Colon shall take over until he get straight.

  3. Will says:

    He had a 5+ ERA after May 20 of last year. Aside from the gem he pitched in the playoffs against the Twins (which was followed by two horrid performances against Texas), he has been a really bad pitcher. Yanks fans and media were blinded by the 18 wins which he only got because the Yanks scored about 7 runs per start for him. Seems to be another example of the Yanks un-developing a talent. It is particularly frustrating due to all the trades that Yanks didn't make due to wanting to keep Hughes.

    • Hiram says:

      I agree man and we took Hughes and Joba over Aceves and Kennedy. Also i have to admit that personally i still have faith in Joba

  4. Hiram says:

    I told you man, Boone Logan s u c k s, against good players or difficult moments he is bad (for example last postseason), if you don´t look at his lucky numbers from last year he is so bad, even in minors league.

    I hate to say this but look at the red sox, they got rid of Dennys Reyes, at least we can send Logan to the minors while trying with Garrison or Sisco and maybe he looks awesome there and we can bring him back

    • john says:

      boone logan is terrible. Ozzie Guillen ran his sorry butt out of Chicago and then he got run out of Atlanta. Another great Cashman trade. He has no heart

      They should have had Banuelos in the pen to start the season. One lefty vs Boston=RETARDED. Think outside the Box for once. Logan has one Job– get out left hand hitters. And he is BAD AT IT

      • Calling up Banuelos at this point is a bad idea as he is just 20 years old and would instantly be the youngest player in all of baseball. Probably for the next two years. Also, calling him up to be a part of the bullpen would hurt his development as a starter.

        I'm sorry but that sounds like a terrible idea to me.

      • Mike S. says:

        Put Banuelos in the bullpen? And when do you build him up to be a starter? He (because of an appendectomy) pitched just 64 2/3 innings last year. If you want him as a starter, he needs innings this year. I would guess 140 will be his limit. But putting him in the bullpen now at the major league level would limit that development. It'd be a true panic move. What you want is 140 innings as a starter from him this year, starting in AA, finishing at AAA, then hopefully he is ok for 160-170 innings in 2012, when he competes for a major league rotation position in Spring Training.

        • john says:

          ok we need a 2nd lefty in the pen. anyone have a better idea because Boone Logan is not very good to say it nicely

          • john says:

            I guess getting rejects like Silva are'nt panic moves?

          • Mike S. says:

            Don't like Silva one bit. If a panic move, it's for Hughes' problems, not Logan's (and besides Silva, there's Millwood). But you can't compound it by doing to Banuelos what they did to Joba.

  5. So happy we don't have Johan Santana.

  6. Mike S. says:

    From Joel Sherman:

    Hughes has faced 33 batters and thrown 137 pitches this year and has just three swings-and-misses, none of them on the 50 four-seam fastballs he has thrown. Zero.

  7. epaminondas says:

    I've seen enough to pull him from the rotation. He should be somewhere he can work himself into 94-95 again without a pennant race and everything else in NYC down his throat. Otherwise it's Wang-ville. His confidence will be shredded. We NEED him and not for just this year.

    Colon looked, at a minimum, far better than Hughes is right now.

    A no brainer. What are the yanks going to do, wait until he is shredded by a KC?

    There is NO objective cause to think he will be different in 5 days. NONE. Act pre-emptively Girardi. There is a marathon ahead and he will be needed at 94 mph.

  8. The Pirate says:

    Thank you to Girardi for following my yesterday request via this media of replacing Posada for Chavez as DH.

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