Phil Hughes Spots Another Mechanical Flaw

New York Yankees Phil HughesVia George King of the NY Post:

“Larry looked at the video and saw a difference,” Hughes said following a bullpen session before last night’s game. “I used my lower half more.”

“I couldn’t feel it, but I could see it,” Hughes said of the difference from how he was pushing off a year ago and in the first two brutal outings this season. “I was more aggressive driving toward the plate. Hopefully I will get better arm strength as well.”

Does this sound familiar? It should, just last week Phil Hughes said that he and pitching coach Larry Rothschild spotted a mechanical flaw he thought would help out on the mound. It was supposedly his head and arm movement that was the problem and obviously it wasn’t as he got bombed in his last start after they made the adjustment.

Now they’re focusing on his legs. Will it work out and add a few mph to Hughes’ velocity? Dunno, I can tell you after his next start. This does however show you that they really have no idea why he is struggling and they are doing whatever they can to fix the problem.

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  1. The Pirate says:

    Send him back to Triple A for some weeks, and bring up Millwood, until Hughes is ready again.

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