Phil Hughes Will Undergo More Tests

phil-hughesVia Marc Carig of the Star-Ledger:

Phil Hughes will undergo another round of tests tomorrow in hopes of learning exactly why his case of dead-arm has lingered for so long. Ultimately, the Yankees remain unsure of why Hughes’ fastball has yet to return, and they hope the round of exams can at least rule out some possibilities.

Earlier in the day, Hughes spent several hours undergoing more tests, including two MRIs and an exam to gauge the circulation in his elbow and shoulder. The Yankees have yet to learn the results of the tests. Hughes will be examined further by doctors again later today.

“If they find something, they find something,” Hughes said. “I’m just interested in finding out what’s going on.”

So it turns out players are not Pitching Machines. Hughes pitched more innings last season than he had ever pitched in his major league career and it has come back to haunt him. Hopefully the Yankees can find out what’s wrong with him so that they can start to fix it. As of right now it seems that Hughes will spend more time on the DL than initially anticipated. If the Yankees can fix him though it will be like making a big midseason trade.

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21 Responses to Phil Hughes Will Undergo More Tests

  1. Mike S. says:

    A few weeks ago, I suggested that Hughes' problems could be circulatory in nature. I'm not a Dr. or nurse, but a lot of my family members work in the medical field. I also based my worries on the aneurysm of David Cone and the circulatory problems that Whitey Ford had in the 1964-1967 period of his career (his final years). Now word from the Lower Hudson Journal that tests show that Hughes may have a circulatory issue. He's being sent to a specialist in St. Louis for more tests.

  2. Paul Knopick says:

    Saw Ian Kennedy pitched shutout the other day. Wonder if Yankees kept the wrong prospect?

  3. Dave Gross says:

    Kennedy was expendible because he did not throw hard and was not projected any better than a 4th or 5th starter. I thought if he would have been given a chance he could have been a decent pitcher for us.

  4. Mike S. says:

    Kennedy also did some things and burned some bridges with the front office and with teammates.

  5. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    Is this sight officially retired or is Rob on vacation? It's been two days since the last article and the Yanks have won two 🙂 without it being reported.

    Mike, put up the final score at least.

    • Mike S. says:

      Rob is getting married on Sunday, May 1st. Congratulations to him. That explains the delays. A different priority at present.

      The site may be slow for the next two weeks as a result. I personally don't have any access to his site (user ID, password, etc.). But here is some things:

      The Yanks won on Wednesday 3-1 behind a "Colonoscopy" done on the White Sox by Bartolo. (Can we use that to describe it?) 8 IP, 1 R. Who'd have thought? Cano had a 3-Run HR, and Mariano back to form with a 1-2-3 ninth for the save.

      Last night was a blowout 12-3 win. Gardner hit HR #3, and finally, in Game #22, Swisher hits his first one. I was listening to WCBS 880, and once again, Suzyn messes up. All game long she's saying that Swish was the last regular without a 2011 HR and then she went on to say that Swish became the last to hit one.

      Hey, Suzyn…. Jeter is still homerless. In fact, he has just two doubles and seven of his 22 hits are infield hits.

      Jeter finally got a day off last night. Being that he'll be 37 soon, it should happen more often. Nunez finally got a start. 2 hits for him, but 2 errors. Still, you have to keep the guy fresh. Tighten up the D, Eduardo.

      Teix is day to day with sore shoulder.

      So, good news from the pitching the last few days. Even in the losses, where A.J. and Nova pitched well.

      Cervelli could return this weekend. (I'll be at the Stadium on Saturday).

      Meanwhile, Millwood bombed yesterday. It'll be interesting to see what is up come Sunday, May 1st. 2 IP, 6 R for Millwood at AAA.

      The one piece of bad news? Posada is down to .130. Hmmm. In the last year of his deal, 40 in August. I must ask, if he is still on the interstate come June, what do the Yanks do? How to deal with an icon? It'll be a tricky situation, especially if Vazquez (8 HR, 25 RBI) is still raking at SWB. Not only that, also a tricky situation if Chavez continues to prove he is a steal.

      BTW, I wrote this on my blog a few days ago. Joel Sherman now writes it himself. Is Granderson/Swisher the best 1-2 for the Yanks? Let's admit, it's more likely Curtis would lead off a game with a double or HR than Derek at this point. Of course, that means moving the Captain down (to 8th?).

      Much food for thought. Well, there is some news on the last two games, some minor league info and some thoughts about Posada and Jeter. Feel free to add your comments.

      • Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

        First off, HUGE congratulations to Rob! He should have announced it here but I certainly want to respect his privacy.

        As for the games, we have to be very please with how the starting rotation has been. Also, you have Gardner and Swisher showing signs of life. Jeter is certainly a concern but Nunez's defense is very scary. Posada, no matter what happens from here, needs to be shown the door at the end of the season. Montero = Much Cheaper, probably better DH.

      • David K. says:

        I had a premonition that Hughes would not have a good year after he showed up in spring training looking like the pillsbury doughboy. But I didn't expect him to have this kind of mystery medical condition. It's starting to look like this year is shot for Phil Hughes. We better start looking at which kid to bring up this year to kind of replace some of the quality innings we were expecting from Hughes. Garcia and Colon are doing great right now, but can we really expect the old guys to carry the team all year? And seriously, Mike, colonoscopy? That's gross, you gotta come up with something else.

      • David K. says:

        oh yeah, regarding susyn on CBS 880 AM, she's always been a little bit ditsy. And how can she leave the booth in the 9th inning every game leaving Stirling alone in the booth. That is the dumbest thing. Color commentary is essential during all innings. What is this, the Yankees radio broadcast is turning into the New York Islanders with their one man show in the booth?

  6. dutchsailor says:

    When Phil Rizzuto was in the booth, he was usually gone by the 7th — and I liked Phil better than Susyn.

  7. Mike S. says:

    Teix is in the lineup tonight, BTW. Shoulder must feel better.

  8. Paul Knopick says:

    Re: Rizzuto. LA fans are famous for arriving in the third inning, leaving in the seventh. If you saw the traffic out here, you might have some sympathy.

  9. Mike S. says:

    game of 4/29:

    Recap: The Yanks lost 5-3. Garcia got out of a 2nd and 3rd, one out jam in the 2nd, and Russell Martin’s double gave the Yanks a 1-0 lead in the 2nd.

    In the third, Juan Bautista hit a two-run HR for Toronto. Arencibia’s HR in the 4th made it 3-1. With two out, the Blue jays loaded the bases, but Garcia escaped further trouble. Robbie Cano HR’d in the 4th to cut the lead to 3-2.

    The bottom of the fifth/top of the sixth decided the game. Down 3-2, the Yanks loaded the bases with no one out in the bottom of the fifth. They got nothing for it. Teix popped up, and A-Rod, one grand slam from tying Lou Gehrig’s record, GIDP.

    Garcia went 5, and wasn’t that effective. He did keep the Yanks in the game, but 5 IP, 3 R, 7 H, 5 walks and 6 K. He fell to 1-1, 2.00.

    Robertson came in and the game got away. D-Rob gave up two in the sixth to make it 5-2. This after the Yanks failed in the bottom of the fifth. 1 IP, 2 R, 1 H, 2 walks, 2 K.

    In the seventh, A-Rod K’d with runners at 1st and 2nd, two out.

    Cano hit his 2nd HR of the game in the 8th (8) to make it 5-3. But with the bases loaded and one out, Jeter struck out and Swish grounded out.

    Carlyle, Joba and Logan each pitched a scoreless inning.

    Update very late tonight or tomorrow. Going to game today.

    Jeter got a bunt single. 2949. But 8 of his 23 hits this year have been infield hits or bunts.

    I am heading up to today's game, 4/30. … Mike.

  10. Mike S. says:

    4/30: Yanks win 5-4. A.J. not great, but good enough. 6 IP, 4 R. Joba/Soriano/Mo lock it down, each with a scoreless inning. Save #9 for the year & #568 for the career for Mo. Nasty first inning as the bright sun and cloudless sky cause trouble for both CF's. Yanks don't get a hit after the 3rd, but hang on. Posada now on interstate I-25. Ugh.

  11. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    I think we have to be content with outings like that by AJ when he can grind through and keep the team in the game to the mid late innings. Friday's game was painful as the Yanks could have easily won that and that Robertson play…well…what you gonna do. Conversely, yesterday they squeaked out a game they could have easily lost so we'll have to be happy with that.

  12. Paul Knopick says:

    So what do you do with Posada? I was roundly booed for suggesting trying him in left field. Heck, Yogi did it. I don't think he's the DH type and he needs to be in the game to become more like his old self. ESPN radio (Freddie Coleman et al) today predicting he'll be waived soon if he doesn't get going.

    • Mike S. says:

      It'll be interesting come June 1st if what we are seeing continues. Posada is in the last year of his deal, turns 40 in August and I hate to say it, but what if, come June, the Yanks ask him to retire because he's still on the interstate (I-25 as I type this)? What if at the same time, the Yanks are forced to drop Jeter to 8th? Right now, Derek's average and power are more reminiscent of Bucky Dent (and I've written as much). You wouldn't have batted Dent leadoff. In his last 119 games, Jeter's numbers are something like .250-.255, 2 HR (one an ITP) and only 33 ribbies. As I said, Dent-like. With Vazquez raking at SWB (.323-9-27), if they ask Posada to retire, they could bring Vazquez up and platoon him at DH with Chavez. Although not a defensive whiz, Vazquez could play 1b/3b like Chavez does. Posada plays no defensive position at all, and if Posada isn't hitting, then he is even more of a liability. Thank goodness there is one Core 4 player (MO) still doing well so far (Pounds, not knocks, on wood…)

      • Mike S. says:

        Just to add…. Montero is at .365.

      • Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

        Mike, I agree with just about everything you said. But seeing as I don't think Posada will likely retire, regardless of how well he might bounce back, he has to be shown the door at season's end. They have too many cheaper, younger, and better options.

        As for Jeter, I think it will be difficult to do anything with him until the dust settles on his 3,000 hit around mid year. Then if he's still playing this bad, he does need to be moved down in the lineup to 8 or 9. The thing is, there is no obvious replacement right now that would make the transition more sellable to Jeter. Granderson's OBP is not any better. It would be much easier if Gardner were tearing it up making the decision more obvious to everyone.

        If Jeter continues to play THIS bad throughout the year, I think they need to take a serious run at Reyes in the offseason. HUGE upgrade on defense and some on offense as well. That presumes that Reyes doesn't require a 9 figure contract as some have speculated. I've read numbers all over the place like a $60M/4yr to well over $100M. I think a 5-6 year at $70-90M would make sense and Reyes loves New York.

        • Mike S. says:

          Not to be cruel or disregard what Jorge's done, but if he keeps going like this, he could be shown the door mid-season.

          I'd advocate Granderson leadoff. His OBP may not be better, but there is a much better chance of a leadoff double or HR from Granderson, hence the Yanks getting on the board quickly.

          As for 5/1:

          A 5-2 win for the Yanks. Nova goes 6 1/3, now 2-2, 5.14. After an out each from D-Rob and Logan, Soriano and Mo close it out. The Yanks go to 16-9 for the season, and Mo is 1-0, 1.98 with 10 saves. Teix homered (8) in the first and it was #282 of his career, passing Paul O'Neill on the all-time list. Granderson's 3-run HR broke a 2-2 tie and was the difference.

          The Yanks now are off to Motown.

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