Quote: Hitting More, Lifting Less a Slump Buster for Teixeira

mark-teixeiraVia Jeff Seidel of MLB.com:

“I hit a lot more this winter, but I also hit more in Spring Training and lifted less weights,” Teixeira said. “I think it’s more of a flexibility and bat-speed issue. This Spring Training, I hit more, lifted a little less and I came in with a pretty quick bat.”

“We play 162 games; we don’t play 25,” Teixeira said. “If we only played 25, you’d better believe I would focus all of my attention on having the best 25 games I can. But we don’t do that. We have to focus on having the best 162, and sometimes, preparing for a long season, you have to play with your preparation. This Spring Training, I did.”

Mark Teixeira had the worst season of his career last year and a big contributing factor was the prolonged slump he started the year with. He started 2009 with a bad April as well so it was the obvious area that he needed to focus on this past offseason and he did, and so far it seems to be going very well for him.

Through 17 games, Teixeira is hitting .273 with a 1.024 OPS. He’s had his share of bad games this season, but enough good ones that they have been insignificant. Thanks to this strong start 2011 may end up being Teixeira’s best in pinstripes yet. Hopefully this change in his preparation doesn’t cost him down the line.

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