Surgery Likely for Yankees’ Pedro Feliciano

New York Yankees Pedro FelicianoThe Yankees got the MRI results for Pedro Feliciano Wednesday and they weren’t good. Manager Joe Girardi spoke with reporters after the game about it and just said that he had a “damaged shoulder” and wanted to speak with the team’s doctors and Feliciano’s agent again before elaborating on it, but he left the impression that he needed surgery, according to Ben Shpigel of the NY Times.

This is what I said about Felciano before the Yankees signed him:

if the Yankees are looking to do that it could be a huge mistake. Feliciano, 34, has pitched a lot over the past few years. He’s appeared in at least 78 games in each of the last four years and not less than 86 games over the past three. He’s also pitched the last couple of years for Jerry Manuel, a manager who at times could downright abuse his relievers using them three, four, even six days in a row with no second thought. This is a man who has some miles on his arm.

And those miles have finally caught up with him. If surgery is indeed happening for him it means he’s done for the year and it could potentially mean he never pitches in a Yankee uniform at all. If that happens this is obviously a bad signing by Brian Cashman. He blames the Mets for abusing him, they did, but totally ignores that the Mets didn’t force him to sign him. The market wasn’t exactly flush with other lefties, but Cashman didn’t seriously look at any other southpaws any of them. With Feliciano there was interest early and often.

Now the Yankees will likely go with Boone Logan. If he struggles they’ll first look to supplement him with a minor leaguer, perhaps Steve Garrison, Andy Sisco, or Jose Ortegano. Naoya Okamoto in Double-A Trenton may even get a look. If they don’t like any of those options they will start to monitor the trade market which probably won’t develop until June or July. Remember, when trading for a good left handed reliever teams usually have to overpay. This could end up costing the Yankees a halfway decent prospect as well.

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7 Responses to Surgery Likely for Yankees’ Pedro Feliciano

  1. Mike S. says:

    I originally wanted Scott Downs, but there was no interest from the Yanks' there because of the type of free agent he was. Of course, we know the line. Cashman didn't want to overpay, didn't want to give up a pick, and eventually he was overruled as far as Soriano. Feliciano was my second choice. Brian Fuentes #3. Fuentes, we know, wanted to close and wouldn't have settled for a set-up role (and now has 5 saves, along with Mo). I had no interest in Arthur Rhodes at all. Maybe because of the Yanks' history against him (beat him like a rented mule). I also had no interest in J.C. Romero, George Sherrill or Randy Choate. Just a rehash there of some names that were available.

    They could now look at Dennis Reyes, who was just released by Boston. Would it surprise me if they signed him to a minor league deal and gave him a look? After the Millwood and Silva signings, no.

  2. Will says:

    What was the contract Cash gave him? (I know, I know. I'm just too lazy right now to look it up…)

    • Mike S. says:

      If I remember correctly, two years and an option. $4M per year.

      • This is correct. The option is a team option worth $4.5 mil.

        • The Pirate says:

          Rob if you review my messages I mentioned in February that Feliciano was supposed to play in Puerto Rico, but at the last moment he did not sign with the Ponce Leones his local team, ¿Why? ¿Maybe because at that time he find out he was having some problems with his arm? ¿ The NYY Doctors do they OK his physical? This guy it's out for the rest of he season.

  3. Mike S. says:

    Torn shoulder capsule (per LoHud). Surgery now means out for the season and see you in 2012 Spring training. Feliciano getting 2nd opinion. But looks like surgery and goodbye 2011 for him.

  4. Franco Kotos says:

    It's unfortunate but doesn't come as a surprise…Feliciano wasn't that good anyhow…his best days were behind him imo…

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