Yankees Bullpen Blows Lead in 5-4 Loss to the Twins

New York Yankees Nick SwisherBehind an ace-like performance from CC Sabathia the Yankees held a nice 4-0 lead through the first seven innings of this game until the bullpen blew the lead and they lost o the Twins 5-4 in 10 innings.

Rafael Soriano was the main culprit has he was charged with four earned runs, but he left the game with a 4-1 lead, two outs, and the bases loaded. David Robertson then gave up the big hit to Delmon Young, a fly ball to right that Nick Swisher mishandled and the game was tied.

The Twins won the game in the bottom of the 10th when Joe Mauer picked up an RBI single in a first and third, no out situation against Boone Logan.

The Yankees had previously gotten their 4-0 lead off a three-run home run in the first inning by Mark Teixeira (his 4th) and a solo shot by Andruw Jones in the second. Sabathia started and pitched a gem, but was lifted after seven innings because he had thrown 107 pitches.

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7 Responses to Yankees Bullpen Blows Lead in 5-4 Loss to the Twins

  1. Hiram says:

    Joe mauer single was with no outs Rob

    • You're right. I was thinking back to the 8th inning.

      • Hiram says:

        I just said this because i really don't like Logan, he didn't get a single out, i don't believe his 2.93ERA from last year and the postseason gave me the reason.

        During spring i liked more what i saw from Garrison and Sisco than Logan

  2. Mike S. says:

    You can't walk people with a four-run lead. Three walks and Soriano flushed the game away.

    Tough break for Robertson. Little blooper that scores three.

    The Yanks' offense isn't blameless. Last night, they got four in the first two innings, (Alex 2 run HR, Posada 2 run HR) and nothing thereafter. They were able to hold on, 4-3.

    Tonight, not so. Same thing offensively. Four in the first two innings (Teix 3 run HR, Jones solo shot). The HRs are nice; what,15 in 5 games? But they need to a) tack on more and b) manufacture runs as well as hit the big bombs. We haven't seen the manufacturing yet. Just the bombs. In the past two nights, after the early bombs, the offense went to sleep.

    Bad loss.

  3. Susan says:

    For the past few years it seems like it's all or nothing for the bullpen. They're either lock down great or they totally implode. No in between. But it seems like in extra inning games is when they totally fall apart.

  4. The Pirate says:

    I mention that yesterday before the game, you can't not count 100% on the Joba, Soriano,Rivera formula,sometime that will not be the answer, you win and loss that is the game. But Girardi should change Soriano change and bring Logan to face a lefty batter,that was a mistake, in addition Jeter and Gardner are not performing offensive, give them an opportunity in the next ten games will see.

  5. The Pirate says:

    The game was not lost by Soriano, was lost by Girardi wonderful management of the game.

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