Yankees: Prior’s Groin Injury Isn’t Serious

mark-priorVia Ben Shpigel of the NY Times:

Prior’s on the Class AAA DL with an injured groin. Mark Newman said it’s not serious.

The good news is that this is not an arm injury, the bad news is that being realistic any injury to Mark Prior is a big deal. That’s why he went from young-phenom to whatever-happened-to-that-guy? A groin injury is difficult with pitchers. It can occasionally be a minor problem that only takes about a week to two to heal from or, like it did with Andy Pettitte last season, linger for quite a while and cause a pitcher to occasionally miss up to two months.

Let’s hope that this is closer to a two week issue instead of a two month issue, but expectations should be realistic. Prior may just not have the type of body that is able to hold up to pitching even a little bit. When it comes to signing injury prone pitchers, for every Bartolo Colon signed there are plenty who don’t become success stories.

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